International Patient Summary Implementation Guide (Release 0.3.0 STU1 Ballot)

International Patient Summary Implementation Guide, published by Health Level Seven International - Patient Care Work Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.3.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ValueSets and CodeSystems defined as part of the IPS Implementation Guide

All the terminologies specified by this guide are also published in the Art Decor IPS repository

Code Systems

These code systems have been defined for this implementation guide:

  • IPS CodeSystem - Absent and Unknown Data
  • Value Sets

    These value sets have been defined for this implementation guide:

  • IPS Pregnancy Status
  • Absent or Unknown Allergies
  • Absent or Unknown Devices
  • Absent or Unknown Immunization
  • Medications - example
  • Medications - SNOMED CT
  • IPS Results Radiology Textual Observations
  • IPS Results Radiology Linear Measurements Observations
  • IPS Results Radiology Measurements
  • IPS Results Radiology Volume Measurements Observations
  • IPS Results Radiology Area Measurements Observations
  • IPS Specimen Type
  • IPS Specimen Collection Method
  • Absent or Unknown Medication
  • Absent or Unknown Procedures
  • Absent or Unknown Problems
  • IPS Allergy intolerance substance condition
  • Allergy Reaction
  • Problem Severity
  • CORE Problem List Disorders
  • IPS Current Smoking Status
  • IPS Expected Delivery Date Method
  • IPS Results Observation Radiology
  • IPS Results Observation Laboratory
  • IPS Laboratory tests and panels
  • IPS Results Coded Values Laboratory
  • IPS Medical Devices
  • Medicine Active Substances
  • Medicine Doseform
  • Medicine Route of Administration
  • IPS Results Observation
  • IPS Results Observation Pathology
  • IPS Results Coded Values Pathology
  • IPS Personal Relationship
  • Problem Type
  • IPS Procedures
  • Observation Sub Categories
  • IPS Target Site
  • IPS Pregnancies Summary
  • IPS Vaccines
  • IPS Results ABO+RH GROUP
  • IPS Results Microorganism
  • IPS Results Presence/Absence