International Patient Summary Implementation Guide
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International Patient Summary Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Patient Care. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.1.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


Page standards status: Informative

STU 1.1.0 Update

This change list provides an overview and detail of changes in STU 1.1. This publication is an unballoted STU 1.1 update which incorporates implementation feedback, terminology updates and publication cleanup. The major categories of revision include:

  • Addition of Bundle Profile
  • Addition of MedicationRequest Profile
  • Addition of a $summary operation (Github Branch:
  • Reduction of Must Support (Github Branch:
  • Additional narrative guidance (Github Branch:
  • Terminology Updates (Github Branch:
  • Publication clean-up (Github Branch: and commits in Sept/Oct 2022)

Detailed change list for 1.1.0 since 1.0.0 includes:

  • Compatible, Substantive Changes
    • Condition.category shouldn’t be fixed to a particular code (FHIR-23740)
    • Remove unneeded PractitionerRole.code slice and replace with preferred binding. (FHIR-39310)
    • Remove unneeded profile elements from DeviceUseStatement.bodySite (FHIR-39296)
    • Update SNOMED CT based value set definitions and add an extensionally-defined value set from the IPS free set as an additional binding (FHIR-37834)
    • Revise the invariant for the patient name (FHIR-31558)
    • relationship bound to v2 values (extensible in R4) but v3 values in IPS (FHIR-34817)
    • IPS Practitioner Role ValueSet missing WHO/ISCO codes (FHIR-32156)
    • ResultsSpecimenCollectionMethodGpsUvIps ValueSet identical to FHIR Core ValueSet (FHIR-32814)
    • Clarify Target Site - IPS value set (FHIR-32809)
    • Update and rename microorganism value set due to inactivation of SNOMED Microorganism concept (FHIR-26548)
    • DiagnosticReport: refer patient and specimen ips profiles (FHIR-26665)
    • Observation Performer : relax constraints (FHIR-26668)
    • IPS binding on does not allow specifying an emergency contact (FHIR-29963)
    • must support should require population if known (FHIR-30077)
    • Align the performer cardinality to the base resource (FHIR-31049)
    • Change the cardinality of the gender (FHIR-31557)
    • Allow for ingredient.itemReference in the Medication resource (FHIR-31561)
    • Make Patient contact relationship binding extensible (FHIR-32131)
    • Personal Relationship ValueSet missing important relationships (FHIR-32813)
    • First element is value set for is for 1985009 Vomitus (substance) and it should be 422400008 Vomiting (disorder) (FHIR-34018)
    • 0..1 constraint on protocolApplied.targetedDisease too strict (FHIR-34030)
    • Replace terminology slices with a base “preferred” binding and “additional binding” extensions. (FHIR-37833)
    • Add missing extension sliceName elements and adjust ids for data-absent-reason extension slices (FHIR-37855)
    • Comprehensive Review of Must Support (FHIR-38622)
    • Addition of Medication Request Profile (FHIR-38624)
    • Addition of Bundle profile (FHIR-38625)
    • Addition of $summary operation (FHIR-38626)
    • Slicing on Immunization.protocolApplied.targetDisease to strict? (FHIR-35876)
    • Wrong SNOMED code for vomiting in value set allergy reaction (code from wrong semantic hierarchy) (FHIR-34319)
    • ips-1 constraint should only apply to Observation.effectiveDateTime (FHIR-25473)
  • Non-substantive Changes
    • Composition.subject is 0..1 (FHIR-33984)
    • Add Maturity level (FMM) and Standards status for the IG (FHIR-39315)
    • Update the system value for the Belgian CNK code system to the URL (instead of the OID, which is likely unreliable), and update the display string. (FHIR-39313)
    • Fix allergy-intolerance-uv-ips value set name and title (FHIR-39299)
    • Remove code system fragments used only in examples (FHIR-39295)
    • Typo on IPS Structure Page (FHIR-39292)
    • Missing MedicationRequest example from examples page (FHIR-39291)
    • Add ip-statements, cross-version-analysis, dependency-table and globals-table fragments to IG index page. (FHIR-39281)
    • Add R4 and R4B specific packages to Downloads page (FHIR-39284)
    • Change list xhtml fragments to ‘list-simple-name-‘ for alphabetical ordering (FHIR-39283)
    • Add Composition profile example (FHIR-39272)
    • Remove commented out code from example (FHIR-39263)
    • Remove declaration of ‘global’ profiles from IG resource (FHIR-39097)
    • Modify profile and value set titles to allow proper Jira spec file generation. (FHIR-38996)
    • Fix broken links caused by ConceptMaps (FHIR-38945)
    • Remove extra Immunization examples added for testing (FHIR-38944)
    • Fix incorrect ICD-11-MMS code system url (FHIR-38916)
    • Remove incorrect and unneeded structuredefinition-display-hint extensions (FHIR-38915)
    • Remove unneeded DICOM ImagingStudy value sets and ICD-11-MMS and ICD-O-3 code systems (FHIR-38914)
    • Add missing ‘experimental’ elements (FHIR-38913)
    • Update IG to version 1.1.0 (FHIR-38910)
    • Patient.birthDate should have min cardinality of 0 (FHIR-35092)
    • Update Licence Note for Value Sets based on SNOMED GPS (FHIR-25207)
    • Fix additional-binding publisher (FHIR-38847)
    • Update IG to the new template framework (FHIR-26834)
    • Fix incorrect Observation.specimen type constraints (FHIR-27799)
    • Should mention joint work with IHE on transport (FHIR-30076)
    • please specify how to use doc-ref to access an IPS document (FHIR-34123)
    • Remove CodeableConcept.text comment (FHIR-34824)
    • What does it mean to support Coding.display.translation (FHIR-36672)
    • Broken link in section 1.2 (FHIR-35112)
    • Apparent contradiction in IPS Medication example (FHIR-32902)
    • Section 1.2 Project Background broken link (FHIR-31396)