International Patient Summary Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - CI Build

International Patient Summary Implementation Guide, published by Health Level Seven International - Patient Care Work Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Profiles defined as part of the IPS Guide

IPS and its structure

The International Patient Summary is a document. All the profiles specified by this guide are used by the International Patient Summary Composition.

The Bundle used for the transport or the persistence SHALL include all the resources that are referenced directly or indirectly by an International Patient Summary Composition.

A complete list of the sections and of the used profiles is available in the International Patient Summary Structure page.

List of Profiles

The links to the Profiles that have been defined for this implementation guide are listed hereafter.

Allergy Intolerance (IPS) AllergyIntoleranceUvIps Composition (IPS) CompositionUvIps Condition (IPS) ConditionUvIps Device (IPS) DeviceUvIps Device (performer, observer) DeviceObserverUvIps Device Use Statement (IPS) DeviceUseStatementUvIps DiagnosticReport (IPS) DiagnosticReportUvIps Imaging Study (IPS) ImagingStudyUvIps Immunization (IPS) ImmunizationUvIps Media observation (Results: laboratory, media) MediaObservationUvIps Medication (IPS) MedicationIPS Medication Statement (IPS) MedicationStatementIPS Observation (Pregnancy: EDD) ObservationPregnancyEddUvIps Observation (Pregnancy: outcome) ObservationPregnancyOutcomeUvIps Observation (Pregnancy: status) ObservationPregnancyStatusUvIps Observation (SH: alcohol use) ObservationAlcoholUseUvIps Observation (SH: tobacco use) ObservationTobaccoUseUvIps Observation Results (IPS) ObservationResultsUvIps Observation Results: laboratory (IPS) ObservationResultsLaboratoryUvIps Observation Results: pathology (IPS) ObservationResultsPathologyUvIps Observation Results: radiology (IPS) ObservationResultsRadiologyUvIps Organization (IPS) OrganizationUvIps Patient (IPS) PatientUvIps Practitioner (IPS) PractitionerUvIps PractitionerRole (IPS) PractitionerRoleUvIps Procedure (IPS) ProcedureUvIps Specimen (IPS) SpecimenUvIps