Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)
4.2.2-current - ci-build International flag

Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD), published by IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 4.2.2-current built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Download and Analysis

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The source code for this Implementation Guide can be found on IHE ITI.MHD Github Repo.

Cross Version Analysis

This is an R4 IG. None of the features it uses are changed in R4B, so it can be used as is with R4B systems. Packages for both R4 (ihe.iti.mhd.r4) and R4B (ihe.iti.mhd.r4b) are available.

Dependency Table

.. Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)ihe.iti.mhd#4.2.2-currentR4
... HL7 Terminology (THO)hl7.terminology.r4#5.3.0R4Automatically added as a dependency - all IGs depend on HL7 Terminology
... FHIR Extensions Packhl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r4#1.0.0R4Automatically added as a dependency - all IGs depend on the HL7 Extension Pack
... Basic Audit Log Patterns (BALP)ihe.iti.balp#1.1.2R4
... IHE FormatCode Vocabularyihe.formatcode.fhir#1.1.1-currentR4
.... HL7 Terminology (THO)hl7.terminology.r4#5.0.0R4

Package hl7.fhir.uv.extensions.r4#1.0.0

This IG defines the global extensions - the ones defined for everyone. These extensions are always in scope wherever FHIR is being used (built Sun, Mar 26, 2023 08:46+1100+11:00)

Package ihe.iti.balp#1.1.2

The Basic Audit Log Patterns (BALP) Implementation Guide is a Content Profile that defines some basic and reusable AuditEvent patterns. This includes basic audit log profiles for FHIR RESTful operations to be used when there is not a more specific audit event defined. A focus is enabling Privacy centric AuditEvent logs that hold well formed indication of the Patient when they are the subject of the activity being recorded in the log. Where a more specific audit event can be defined it should be derived off of these basic patterns. (built Mon, Oct 23, 2023 22:41+0000+00:00)

Package ihe.formatcode.fhir#1.1.1-current

Implementation Guide for IHE defined FormatCode vocabulary. (built Mon, Jan 30, 2023 19:34+0000+00:00)

Globals Table

There are no Global profiles defined

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