Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)
4.2.1-current - ci-build International flag

Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD), published by IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 4.2.1-current). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Example AuditEvent: Audit Example of ITI-67 using POST recorded at responder

Generated Narrative: AuditEvent

Resource AuditEvent "ex-auditFindDocumentReferences-post-responder"

Profile: Audit Event for Find Document References Transaction at Document Responder

Security Labels:

type: Restful Operation (Details: code rest = 'RESTful Operation', stated as 'Restful Operation')

subtype: Find Document References (Details: urn:ihe:event-type-code code ITI-67 = 'ITI-67', stated as 'Find Document References'), search (Details: code search = 'search', stated as 'search')

action: E

recorded: Apr 29, 2020, 9:49:00 AM

outcome: 0


type: Source Role ID (DICOM#110153)

who: Device/ex-device

requestor: false




type: Destination Role ID (DICOM#110152)

who: :

requestor: false




*HIE MHD api example: Server (Details: code 4 = 'Application Server', stated as 'Application Server')


type: System Object (Details: code 2 = 'System Object', stated as 'System Object')

role: Query (Details: code 24 = 'Query', stated as 'Query')

description: POST Host Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded Accept: application/fhir+json; fhirVersion=4.0 patient=9876&status=current&type=|1234-5

query: UE9TVCB0ZXN0LmZoaXIubmV0L1I0L2ZoaXIvRG9jdW1lbnRSZWZlcmVuY2UvX3NlYXJjaApIb3N0IHRlc3QuZmhpci5uZXQKQ29udGVudC1UeXBlOiBhcHBsaWNhdGlvbi94LXd3dy1mb3JtLXVybGVuY29kZWQKQWNjZXB0OiBhcHBsaWNhdGlvbi9maGlyK2pzb247IGZoaXJWZXJzaW9uPTQuMAoKcGF0aWVudD05ODc2JnN0YXR1cz1jdXJyZW50JnR5cGU9aHR0cDovL2xvaW5jLm9yZ3wxMjM0LTUK


what: Patient/ex-patient " SCHMIDT"

type: Person (Details: code 1 = 'Person', stated as 'Person')

role: Patient (Details: code 1 = 'Patient', stated as 'Patient')