Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide
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Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide, published by Clinical Decision Support WG. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


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Draft as of 2022-05-17 Computable Name: CRMI

Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide

Ballot Note

For this for comment ballot, below are focus areas that are intended to be addressed in this IG but have not been fully documented as of this ballot:

  • Complete dependency tracing for the knowledge artifact resources (see the dependency tracing section of the Introduction)
  • Asset metamodels, or patterns for definitional resources (i.e. templates for knowledge artifacts such as measures, decision support rules, case feature definitions, etc)
  • Profiles and guidance on OperationDefinition to support assets as services (i.e. common parameters for operations on canonical resources such as contentEndpoint, terminologyEndpoint, representationLevel, manifest, etc.)
  • More guidance on the use of $data-requirements to support dependency graph calculation. Note that the current implementation flattens the dependency tree, is that potentially an issue
  • Guidance on the impact of packaging on dependency graph calculation
  • Considering overall organization of the implementation guide to improve navigation and usability
  • Inclusion of testing content for the operations defined
  • Generalizing the include-dependencies and include-components parameters of $package to an includeType parameter that supports more general selection of content to include in the result of the operation
  • Generalizing support for the use of NPM packages as the result of the $package operation


The Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure implementation guide defines profiles, operations, capability statements and guidance to facilitate the content management lifecycle for authoring, publishing, distribution, and implementation of FHIR knowledge artifacts such as value sets, profiles, libraries, rules, and measures. The guide is intended to be used by specification and content implementation guide authors as both a dependency for validation of published artifacts, and a guide for construction and publication of content.

This implementation guide is based upon work in multiple quality improvement and reporting domains. Various implementation guides have developed similar infrastructure-level profiles for conformance and knowledge artifacts. These profiles are being refactored into universal-realm, domain-independent profiles that can then be re-used in future versions of those specifications, as well as included in future versions of the base FHIR specification.

How to read this Guide

This Guide is divided into several pages which are listed at the top of each page in the menu bar:

  • Home: The home page provides the summary and background information for the Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide
  • Introduction: The introduction provides a more detailed overview of the content management lifecycle and the background for this guide
  • Version Manifest: This page provides guidance for the use of version manifests to facilitate version management and support stable behavior of artifacts
  • Using CQL: This page covers using Clinical Quality Language as part of knowledge artifacts
  • Packaging: This page describes packaging and distribution requirements for canonical resources and knowledge artifacts Measures IG
  • Testing: This page describes a simple testing specification to support defining, distributing, and verifying test cases for knowledge artifacts
  • Profiles: This page lists the set of profiles defined for use by knowledge artifacts
  • Extensions: This page lists the set of extensions defined for use by knowledge artifacts
  • Terminology: This page lists value sets and code systems defined in this IG
  • Capabilities: This page defines services and operations in support of authoring, publishing, and distributing canonical resources and knowledge artifacts
  • Glossary This page defines terms related to knowledge artifacts.
  • Downloads: This page provides links to downloadable artifacts for implementations.
  • Acknowledgements


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