Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide
1.0.0 - STU1 International flag

Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Clinical Decision Support. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Version History

This page details changes made in each version of the Canonical Resource Management Infrastructure IG.

STU1 Publication (version 1.0.0)

The following changes were made as a result of comments received in the January ballot:

NOTE: This changelist is inclusive of changes published in the 1.0.0-snapshot version

Compatible, Substantive Changes

  • FHIR-44936: Clarify valueFilter extension usage
  • FHIR-44900: Terminology Service Artifact Collections Conformance Additions
  • FHIR-44769: Knowledge Artifact Management Additions
  • FHIR-44767: Authoring Artifact Repository Additions
  • FHIR-44766: Publishable Artifact Repository Additions
  • FHIR-44728: Add MAY or SHOULD support _summary
  • FHIR-44064: Allow isOwned extension to be used on library elements
  • FHIR-43943: Artifact Repository Operation specificity
  • FHIR-43576: An ‘artifact-diff’ operation should be defined
  • FHIR-42233: Consider anchoring canonical in THO 1

Non-Substantive Changes

  • FHIR-45363: Missing parameters in $draft
  • FHIR-45155: In the Diff operation’s compareExecutable parameter description indicates that its computable rather than executable (copy/paste error?)
  • FHIR-44990: Clarification of valueFilter extension
  • FHIR-44734: Explain isSelective extension in terms of partial execution
  • FHIR-44729: Repository Service Draft Operation Description
  • FHIR-44508: Terminology Resource inclusion should be explained
  • FHIR-44252: Coordinate with the authors of Using CQL with FHIR ballot.
  • FHIR-44251: This page doesn’t seem to be defined properly. 3
  • FHIR-44250: This page doesn’t seem to be defined properly. 2
  • FHIR-44249: This page doesn’t seem to be defined properly. 1
  • FHIR-44247: Code Systems and Valuesets should be anchored in THO ( 1
  • FHIR-44246: Use the existing Value Set
  • FHIR-44100: Incrementing version numbers resets version number to the right
  • FHIR-44096: Artifact Capability Profiles table has typos in Executable column
  • FHIR-44093: Remove guidance to construct canonical URL using resource name
  • FHIR-44092: Move Software System Type Codes code system to THO when sufficiently mature
  • FHIR-44062: Update dependency tracing for $package
  • FHIR-44002: Draft version
  • FHIR-44001: Phases don’t align with diagram
  • FHIR-44000: Run on sentences exist in specification
  • FHIR-43999: Downstream system B
  • FHIR-43998: Misspelling of read-only
  • FHIR-43997: NPM is not an acronym for Node Package Manager
  • FHIR-43996: Duplication of Acronym Definitions
  • FHIR-43995: Incorrectly assigned acrynoym
  • FHIR-43994: IG Acronym Established after the use of IG acronym
  • FHIR-43992: an end of list markup element is visible in the ballot
  • FHIR-43991: IG Typo
  • FHIR-43945: Lifecycle restrictions
  • FHIR-43944: Additional TCs for Artifact Repository
  • FHIR-43941: Clarify semver info
  • FHIR-43940: Consistency “work flow” vs “workflow”
  • FHIR-43939: Security, Authorization, and Knowledge Artifacts
  • FHIR-43935: Figure numbering and labeling consistency
  • FHIR-43831: Fix numerous spelling errors
  • FHIR-43830: Fix Introduction page html
  • FHIR-43826: Include use of root for created terminology content
  • FHIR-43769: Section 2.0.4 - name diagram and spell out abbreviations
  • FHIR-43766: Make sure all instances of “IG” are capitalized
  • FHIR-43750: ‘Becasue’ Typo
  • FHIR-43716: State that versioning of manifests is an optional capability
  • FHIR-43709: Name and title should be unique within canonical base
  • FHIR-43575: Draft Operation should clear out effectivePeriod values
  • FHIR-43339: Better explain Expansion Parameters
  • FHIR-42591: Fix listing of all URLs
  • FHIR-42183: Knowledge Artifact Lifecycle diagram has two System Bs

STU1 Ballot2 (version 1.0.0-ballot2)

Reballot of STU1 material with ballot comments applied.

Change Summary

This ballot made the following major changes:

  • Refactored CQL-specific content to the Using FHIR With CQL Implementation Guide
  • Separated Shareable profiles into peer capability profiles, rather than Shareable being parent of the other capability profiles
  • Clarified scope of use for the implementation guide
  • Clarified definitions of artifact, canonical resource, and artifact categories
  • Changed most usage of non-canonical resources to use profiling, rather than trying to establish definitional artifacts for resources such as Location, CareTeam, Organization, and Practitioner
  • Numerous clarifications and fixes throughout

The following sections detail the changes that were applied for this ballot.

Non-Compatible changes

  • FHIR-42730: Clarify scope of use for the IG
  • FHIR-42592: Is output a Library or a Bundle?
  • FHIR-42555: Querying by resource id for content in an IG is useless
  • FHIR-41367: Shareable shouldn’t be the parent of other profiles

Compatible, Substantive Changes

  • FHIR-43076: Use a dataAbsentReason extension to indicate missing results
  • FHIR-43075: Add guidance on missing information
  • FHIR-43034: Add profile to ParameterDefinition
  • FHIR-42919: Add support for artifact manifests in the manifest profile
  • FHIR-42804: Package Operation type + examples for different types
  • FHIR-42598: CapabilityStatements are too narrow
  • FHIR-42594: Exhaustive list isn’t possible
  • FHIR-42564: Why only one library per resource?
  • FHIR-42018: Define the meaning of Must Support
  • FHIR-41874: Add a testArtifact extension

Non-Substantive Changes

  • FHIR-44733: Explain isSelective extension in terms of partial execution
  • FHIR-44506: Broken hyperlinks for HEDIS IG(removed) and World Health Organization Antenatal Care (WHO ANC)
  • FHIR-43998: Misspelling of read-only
  • FHIR-43997: NPM is not an acronym for Node Package Manager
  • FHIR-43995: Incorrectly assigned acrynoym
  • FHIR-43992: An end of list markup element is visible in the ballot
  • FHIR-43991: IG is an acronym and should be capitalized.
  • FHIR-42921: Consider requiring the use of a SignatureLevel higher than none
  • FHIR-42803: Artifact dropdown doesn’t show all artifacts e.g. operationdefinitions.
  • FHIR-42601: All local code systems must be temp or approved by TSMG
  • FHIR-42600: Extensions are not discussed in text
  • FHIR-42599: Operations not discussed in text
  • FHIR-42597: Why does a CRMI terminology service need library?
  • FHIR-42596: Explain the profiles
  • FHIR-42595: “Distribution client capabilities” isn’t complete
  • FHIR-42593: Explain data-requirements operation better
  • FHIR-42590: it’s -> its
  • FHIR-42589: Explain example
  • FHIR-42588: Use ‘[base]’
  • FHIR-42587: Explain context of ‘publishing’ better
  • FHIR-42585: What are ‘appropraite’ IP rules?
  • FHIR-42584: What profile?
  • FHIR-42583: Clarify packaging rules
  • FHIR-42582: Explain ‘processed as a unit’
  • FHIR-42581: There’s no need for operation namespaces
  • FHIR-42580: Explain canonical URL pattern
  • FHIR-42579: Explain consistency of artifacts
  • FHIR-42578: Fix typo
  • FHIR-42577: Consider dropping the CQL page
  • FHIR-42576: ModelInfo section is empty
  • FHIR-42575: Don’t repeat FHIR core spec
  • FHIR-42574: Libraries are not required for CQL
  • FHIR-42573: Explaing conformance requirement 4.12
  • FHIR-42571: Representation in a Library needs clarification
  • FHIR-42570: Code URI expectation inconsistent
  • FHIR-42569: What is “knowledge artifact CQL”?
  • FHIR-42568: Why so much discussion about VSAC in an international spec?
  • FHIR-42567: Use a value set avoiding OIDs
  • FHIR-42566: Update location of code system URIs
  • FHIR-42565: How is the association between a namespace and URI established?
  • FHIR-42563: Assert assumption about state transition order
  • FHIR-42562: Put versioning stuff together
  • FHIR-42561: Explain identifier rules
  • FHIR-42560: Better explain library declarations
  • FHIR-42559: Clarify language around CQL artifacts
  • FHIR-42558: Using CQL shouldn’t be the second entry
  • FHIR-42556: Distribution shouldn’t require libraries
  • FHIR-42554: Fix “This is compatiable with”
  • FHIR-42553: Fix arbitrary capitalization
  • FHIR-42552: Presume FHIR understanding or reference
  • FHIR-42551: Second diagram is confusing
  • FHIR-42550: This isn’t about Clinical Reasoning
  • FHIR-42549: Data Repository examples are weird mix of concepts
  • FHIR-42548: Increase text size
  • FHIR-42547: This is a weird thing to say
  • FHIR-42546: Improve authoring knowledge repository and terminology service explanation
  • FHIR-42545: Drop ‘clinical’
  • FHIR-42544: Fix ordering of sections
  • FHIR-42543: Explain Shareable/Publishle/etc.
  • FHIR-42542: Use the short dependency summary
  • FHIR-42541: Explain non-canonical definitional
  • FHIR-42358: context for cqf-artifactComment extension
  • FHIR-42357: Clarify Relationship between CRMI and FHIR Clinical Guidelines
  • FHIR-42354: Fix targeted link for 19.2 Version Manifest
  • FHIR-42352: Fix manifest specification link
  • FHIR-42351: Clarify Dependency Tracing
  • FHIR-42340: Provide more guidance on versioning
  • FHIR-42239: Typo: namepsace
  • FHIR-42187: Typo: paramaters
  • FHIR-42186: Heading stops mid-sentence
  • FHIR-42182: SUSHI should be all-caps
  • FHIR-42083: Naming convention correction
  • FHIR-42082: Knowledge artifact publication process
  • FHIR-42080: Describe “Knowledge Artifact”
  • FHIR-42079: In the Home or Introduction, describe “Content IG” and why it is different from typical IGs.
  • FHIR-42078: Incomplete sentence “This is compatible with” on 7.1.1 heading
  • FHIR-42019: Complete section “Distribution client capabilities”, or remove
  • FHIR-42017: Consider bold formatting Conformance verbs
  • FHIR-42016: Please reframe material to fit the context and presentation of the IG
  • FHIR-42015: The In-Scope/Out-of-Scope image is confusing
  • FHIR-42014: A “TODO” should not be in the final published version
  • FHIR-42013: Formatting and content issues in the Using CQL page
  • FHIR-42012: Links on introduction page seem to be incorrect
  • FHIR-42011: Type in description of an artifact
  • FHIR-42010: Define the acronym EBM
  • FHIR-42008: Correct a number of word misspellings
  • FHIR-41962: Packaging typo/correction
  • FHIR-41961: Packaging terminologies
  • FHIR-41960: Naming convention typo
  • FHIR-41957: FHIR Server Clarification
  • FHIR-41896: Assure clear definitions up front
  • FHIR-41870: Spelling corrections in Naming Conventions section
  • FHIR-41869: No content in this ModelInfo section of Using CQL
  • FHIR-41868: Provide more context in examples
  • FHIR-41785: Clarify that an artifact may only be owned by one parent
  • FHIR-41695: missing content: Distribution client capabilities
  • FHIR-41328: Document conventions used in the IG

STU1 Ballot (version 1.0.0-ballot)

Initial ballot material, prepared by refactoring relevant content from related implementation guides:

From FHIR Clinical Guidelines (STU1):