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Biomedical Research and Regulation Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Anonymous Compartments: Not linked to any defined compartments


Mappings for the medicinalproductdefinition resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

MedicinalProductDefinitionMedicinal Product and Investigational Medicinal Product
    identifierMedicinal Product.MPID, Investigational Medicinal Product.IMPID
    type(indicates if this is Medicinal Product or an Investigational Medicinal Product)
    versionMedicinal Product.Header.Version Number
    combinedPharmaceuticalDoseFormMedicinal Product.Combined Pharmaceutical Dose Form
    routePharmaceutical Product.Route of Administration
    indication(roll up of all text in Therapeutic Indication.Indication Text, for common case where information is not granular)
    legalStatusOfSupplyMarketing Authorisation.Legal Status of Supply (moved here for practicality)
    additionalMonitoringIndicatorMedicinal Product.Additional Monitoring Indicator
    specialMeasuresMedicinal Product.Special Measures
    pediatricUseIndicatorMedicinal Product.Pediatric Use Indicator
    classificationProduct Classification.Value
    marketingStatusMarketing Status
    packagedMedicinalProductPackaged Medicinal Product
    ingredientMedicinal Product.Ingredient (see also FHIR Ingredient resource)
    attachedDocumentAttached Document
    masterFileMaster File
    clinicalTrialInvestigational Medicinal Product.Clinical Trial Status
    nameMedicinal Product Name
        productNameMedicinal Product Name.Full Name
        namePart(any and all of the name parts e.g. Medicinal Product Name.Formulation Part)
            part(text of any of the name parts e.g. Medicinal Product Name.Formulation Part)
            type(which of the name parts this is e.g. Formulation Part)
        countryLanguageCountry / Language
            countryCountry / Language.Country
            jurisdictionCountry / Language.Jurisdiction
            languageCountry / Language.Language
    crossReferenceProduct Cross-Reference
        productProduct Cross-Reference
        typeProduct Cross-Reference
    operationManufacturing / Business Operation
        typeManufacturing / Business Operation.Operation Type
        effectiveDateManufacturing / Business Operation.Effective Date
        organizationManufacturer / Establishment (Organisation)
        confidentialityIndicatorManufacturing / Business Operation.Confidentiality Indicator
    characteristicPackage Item (Container).Physical Characteristics
        typePhysical Characteristics, all attributes
        value[x]Physical Characteristics, attribute's value