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Example DiagnosticReport: CBC Example

This example may lack required data for laboratory results transmitted by a laboratory certified to perform testing on human specimens under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA). Specifics on the CLIA Regulation can be found at

CBC panel - Blood by Automated count (Laboratory)

SubjectAmy V. Baxter female, DoB: 1987-02-20 ( Medical Record Number: 1032702 (USUAL))
When For2005-07-05
Reported2005-07-06 11:45:33+1100

Report Details

CodeValueReference RangeWhen For
Neutrophils %40.0 %Normal Range: 37.0 % - 67.0 %2005-07-05
MCHC RBC Auto-mCnc34.7 g/dLNormal Range: 30.0 g/dL - 34.0 g/dL2005-07-05
Hgb Bld-mCnc17.0 g/dLNormal Range: 16.5 g/dL - 21.5 g/dL2005-07-05
RBC # Bld Auto4.58 10*6/uLNormal Range: 4.1 10*6/uL - 6.1 10*6/uL2005-07-05