2.1.0 - STU 3 Ballot Switzerland flag

CH EMED (R4), published by HL7 Switzerland. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Change Log

All significant changes to this FHIR implementation guide will be documented on this page.

STU 3 Ballot (2022-06-29)

Changed / Updated

  • #95: Update description of Composition/Bundle.identifier
  • #86: Update minimum cardinality of Composition.custodian (due to relaxation in the underlying CH Core profile)
  • #101: Update profiles -> (according to update in CH Core)
  • #103: Dosage - Do not allow unstructured dosage text when normal/split dosing issue90-dosage
  • #90: Dosage in Medication Prescription document - Relax minimum cardinality of Dosage.timing.repeat.boundsPeriod to 0
  • #106: Improve slicing that info entry[x] warnings are not shown
  • #110: Update title of the profiles for a better readability of the references
  • Update value sets
    • #89: ActivePharmaceuticalIngredient -> fix typo (Nicotine)
    • #94: EDQM - RouteOfAdministration -> add EDQM code ‘20087000’ (Extrapleural use)
    • #93: UnitCode -> add UCUM code ‘a’ (year)
    • UnitCode -> update the fr-CH display value for ‘732982009’ from ‘poche’ to ‘sac’
    • #111: UnitCode -> add UCUM code ‘mo’ (month)


STU 2 (2022-02-11)

Open Issues

During the ballot, the following comments came in, which will be taken into account in the further development of CH EMED:

  • #72 Representation of status “in reserve” (InRes) for a medication is missing.

See also open issues on GitHub.


Changed / Updated


Issues resolved without amendment

  • #70 Remove language requirements of titles
  • #68 MedicationDispense: languageCode fr-CH not accepted
  • #65 CH EMED Extension Substitution - ValueSets not equal to CDA