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Example Bundle: 2-6 Medication Prescription document

Generated Narrative: Composition

ResourceComposition "2-6-Composition" (Language"de-CH")

Profile: CH EMED Medication Prescription Composition

Security Labels:

identifier: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:d41d72ba-2100-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77

status: FINAL

type: Medicinal prescription record (record artifact) (LOINC#57833-6; SNOMED CT#761938008)

date: 2012-02-04 14:00:00+0100

author: See on this page: PractitionerRole/FamilienHausarztAtHausarzt

title: Rezept


Kommentar zu Medication Prescription

Original Darstellung

Representation of the original view


Additional Document Content

2. (Patient/MonikaWegmueller)

Anonymous Patient Female, DoB: 1943-05-15 ( Medical record number: 11111111)

3. (PractitionerRole/FamilienHausarztAtHausarzt)

Generated Narrative: PractitionerRole

ResourcePractitionerRole "FamilienHausarztAtHausarzt"

Profile: CH EMED PractitionerRole

practitioner: See on this page: Practitioner/FamilienHausarzt

organization: See on this page: Organization/Hausarzt

4. (Practitioner/FamilienHausarzt)

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

ResourcePractitioner "FamilienHausarzt"

Profile: CH EMED Practitioner

identifier: GLN/7601000234438

name: Familien Hausarzt

5. (Organization/Hausarzt)

Generated Narrative: Organization

ResourceOrganization "Hausarzt"

Profile: CH EMED Organization

identifier: GLN/7601000234438

name: Hausarzt


*Krankenstrasse 2 Zürich 8005 CH

6. (MedicationRequest/2-6-MedReqNorvasc)

Generated Narrative: MedicationRequest

ResourceMedicationRequest "2-6-MedReqNorvasc"

Profile: CH EMED MedicationRequest (PRE)

CH EMED Extension Treatment Plan



value: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:5712fffe-20c6-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77



value: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:5712fffe-20c6-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77

identifier: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)/urn:uuid:d41d72ba-2100-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77

status: ACTIVE

intent: ORDER

subject: See on this page: Patient/MonikaWegmueller

authoredOn: 2012-02-04 14:00:00+0100

requester: See on this page: PractitionerRole/FamilienHausarztAtHausarzt



*2012-02-04 --> 2012-05-03


*equivalent (Substance Admin Substitution#E)

Generated Narrative: Medication #Norvasc

code: NORVASC Tabl 10 mg (unknown#7680500440334)


*10 milligram (Details: UCUM codemg = 'mg')/1 Tablet (unit of presentation) (Details: SNOMED CT code732936001 = 'Tablet (unit of presentation)')

7. (Binary/2-6-pdf)

Generated Narrative: Binary

ResourceBinary "2-6-pdf" (Language"de-CH")

contentType: application/pdf

data: (base64 data - 237570 bytes)