Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response
1.0.1 - CI Build

Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response, published by HL7 International Public Health Workgroup. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.1). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Example Library: ComputableNHSNMeasureLibrary


AuthorHL7 Public Health

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Bed Location Operational Status: (application/fhir+xml)

Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis Values: (application/fhir+xml)

Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID-19 Not Detected: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID19Antibody: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID19DXICD10: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID19DXSNOMED: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID19Exposures: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID19Organism: (application/fhir+xml)

HealthcareServiceLocation: (application/fhir+xml)

ICU Locations: (application/fhir+xml)

Inpatient Locations: (application/fhir+xml)

Measure Groups: (application/fhir+xml)

Measure Populations: (application/fhir+xml)

Measure Rate Aggregation Value Set: (application/fhir+xml)

Measure Status Values: (application/fhir+xml)

Observations for Patients on a Ventilator: (application/fhir+xml)

Patient Died: (application/fhir+xml)

Remdesivir: (application/fhir+xml)

SARSCoV2 Genetic Labs: (application/fhir+xml)

SARSCoV2Labs: (application/fhir+xml)

Suspected COVID-19 Diagnosis Values: (application/fhir+xml)

Suspected Or Diagnosed COVID-19: (application/fhir+xml)

Ventilator Devices: (application/fhir+xml)

Ventilator Observations: (application/fhir+xml)

Ventilator Procedures: (application/fhir+xml)

Codes for reports about VTE Diagnosics: (application/fhir+xml)

All COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Neoplastic COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

COPD COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Tobacco COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Hypertension COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Cardiovascular COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Obesity COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Sickle Cell COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Kidney Disease COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Pregnancy COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

Diabetes COVID-19 Risk Factors: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID-19 Isolation Precautions: (application/fhir+xml)

COVID-19 Complications: (application/fhir+xml)