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ValueSet: Inpatient Locations


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Title:Inpatient Locations
Status:Active as of 2022-02-15 09:33:20+0000

Codes used for inpatient locations

Publisher:HL7 International Public Health Workgroup

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Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    1005-8Cardiac Catheterization Room/Suite
    1025-6Trauma Critical Care
    1026-4Burn Critical Care
    1027-2Medical Critical Care
    1028-0Medical Cardiac Critical Care
    1029-8Medical-Surgical Critical Care
    1030-6Surgical Critical Care
    1031-4Neurosurgical Critical Care
    1032-2Surgical Cardiothoracic Critical Care
    1033-0Respiratory Critical Care
    1034-8Prenatal Critical Care
    1035-5Neurologic Critical Care
    1038-9Well Baby Nursery (Level I)
    1039-7Neonatal Critical Care (Level II/III)
    1040-5Neonatal Critical Care (Level III)
    1041-3Step down Neonatal Nursery (Level II)
    1042-1Pediatric Burn Critical Care
    1043-9Cardiothoracic Critical Care
    1044-7Pediatric Medical Critical Care
    1045-4Pediatric Medical-Surgical Critical Care
    1046-2Pediatric Neurosurgical Critical Care
    1047-0Pediatric Respiratory Critical Care
    1048-8Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
    1049-6Pediatric Trauma Critical Care
    1051-2Behavioral Health/Psych Ward
    1052-0Burn Ward
    1053-8Ear, Nose, Throat Ward
    1054-6Gastrointestinal Ward
    1055-3Genitourinary Ward
    1056-1Gerontology Ward
    1057-9Gynecology Ward
    1058-7Labor and Delivery Ward
    1059-5Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum Suite
    1060-3Medical Ward
    1061-1Medical-Surgical Ward
    1062-9Neurology Ward
    1063-7Neurosurgical Ward
    1064-5Ophthalmology Ward
    1065-2Orthopedic Ward
    1066-0Orthopedic Trauma Ward
    1067-8Plastic Surgery Ward
    1068-6Postpartum Ward
    1069-4Pulmonary Ward
    1070-2Rehabilitation Ward (within Acute Care Hospital)
    1071-0Stroke (Acute) Ward
    1072-8Surgical Ward
    1073-6Vascular Surgery Ward
    1075-1Adolescent Behavioral Health Ward
    1076-9Pediatric Medical Ward
    1077-7Pediatric Behavioral Health Ward
    1078-5Pediatric Burn Ward
    1079-3Pediatric Ear, Nose, Throat Ward
    1080-1Pediatric Genitourinary Ward
    1081-9Pediatric Medical-Surgical Ward
    1082-7Pediatric Neurology Ward
    1083-5Pediatric Neurosurgical Ward
    1084-3Pediatric Orthopedic Ward
    1085-0Pediatric Rehabilitation Ward (within Acute Care Hospital)
    1086-8Pediatric Surgical Ward
    1091-8Pediatric Dialysis Specialty Care Area
    1092-6Solid Organ Transplant Specialty Care Area
    1093-4Transplant Specialty Care Area
    1095-9Cesarean Section Room/Suite
    1096-7Operating Room/Suite
    1097-5Post Anesthesia Care Unit/Recovery Room
    1099-1Adult Step Down Unit
    1100-7Pediatric Step Down Unit
    1102-3Chronic Care Unit
    1103-1Chronic Alzheimer's Unit
    1104-9Chronic Behavioral Health/Psych Unit
    1105-6Chronic Rehabilitation Unit
    1164-3Ventilator Dependent Unit
    1165-0Inpatient Hospice
    1171-8Jail Unit
    1172-6School Infirmary
    1198-1Dialysis Specialty Care Area
    1203-9Interventional Radiology
    1205-4Antenatal Care Ward
    1208-8Telemetry Ward
    1210-4Adult Mixed Acuity Unit
    1211-2Pediatric Mixed Acuity Unit
    1212-0Mixed Age Mixed Acuity Unit
    1214-6Long Term Acute Care Pediatric Ward
    1217-9Rehabilitation Facility
    1218-7Rehabilitation Facility
    1220-3Long Term Acute Care Intensive Care Unit
    1221-1Long Term Acute Care Ward
    1222-9Long Term Acute Care Intensive Care Unit
    1223-7Oncology Medical Critical Care
    1224-5Oncology Surgical Critical Care
    1225-2Oncology Medical-Surgical Critical Care
    1226-0Oncology Leukemia Ward
    1227-8Oncology Step Down Unit
    1228-6Oncology Lymphoma Ward
    1229-4Oncology LeukemiaLymphoma Ward
    1230-2Oncology Solid Tumor Ward
    1231-0Oncology Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Ward
    1232-8Hematology-Oncology Ward
    1233-6Oncology Pediatric Critical Care
    1234-4Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Ward
    1235-1Oncology Pediatric General Hematology-Oncology Ward
    1236-9Oncology Mixed Acuity Unit (all ages)
    1254-2Long Term Care Facility Inpatient Hospice Unit
    1255-9Long Term Care Facility Dementia Unit
    1256-7Long Term Care Facility Psychiatric Unit
    1258-3Long Term Care Facility General Nursing Unit
    1259-1Long Term Care Facility Ventilator Dependent Unit
    1260-9Long Term Care Facility Bariatric Unit
    1269-0Neonatal Critical Care (Level IV)



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