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12.7 Pattern participantcontactable - Content

FHIR Infrastructure Maturity Level: 1Informative

A pattern followed by resources that represent a participant that can be contacted.

This is NOT a resource. It is not part of the FHIR schema and cannot appear directly in FHIR instances. It is a logical model that defines a pattern adhered to by other resources. This pattern is defined to provide a standard "view" that might be useful for implementers in processing and manipulating all resources that adhere to this pattern. Typically, this appears in object frameworks as an interface that the various resources that adhere to the pattern implement.

A "participant" takes part in a process, and may be the subject of process, or responsible for the event occurring, or may be responsible for recording or reporting information about the event. Examples include patients, practitioners, organizations, groups of patients or practitioners.

A contactable participant is a participant that has a phone number and an address at which it may be contacted.

This pattern applies to some participants. Some of the participants share other properties, and richer patterns are described for these:

Though this pattern is intended instantiated by many resources, as listed below), there is some variation in the value domains of the underlying resources, and any use of the pattern will need to account for this. ConceptMaps describing the relationship in a computable manner are provided as part of the definition.

This pattern is implemented by Location, Organization, Patient, Practitioner and RelatedPerson.


alternate definitions: Master Definition XML + JSON.

telecom active
Location 1
Organization 1
Patient 1
Practitioner 1
RelatedPerson 1