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This example illustrates the use of the Measure resource to describe the CMS9v4 Exclusive Breastfeeding measure. The logic for the measure is specified in the reference library, Exclusive Breatfeeding Measurement Logic.
Example NameidFormat
Exclusive Breastfeeding Measuremeasure-exclusive-breastfeedingXMLJSONTurtle
Appropriate Testing for Children with Pharyngitismeasure-cms146-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Screening for Alcohol Misuse - Component A of a Composite Measurecomponent-a-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Screening for Depression - Component B of a Composite Measure Examplecomponent-b-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Behavioral Health Assessment - Composite Measure Examplecomposite-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Predecessor example - Exclusive Breastfeedingmeasure-predecessor-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Example of Measure to define public health reporting data elementshiv-indicatorsXMLJSONTurtle

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