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These examples illustrate the use of the Library resource to share quality measurement and improvement logic as a FHIR resource. Note that the actual content of each library (the Clinical Quality Language (CQL) source, or the XML for the information model definition, etc.) should be contained in the content element as an Attachment. For illustration purposes, the content of each library is included in its raw form, and linked here.

Example Description Content
Chlamydia Screening Common Library Common Chlamydia Screening library developed as the running example in the Author's Guide of the Clinical Quality Language specification. CQL Source
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention Logic Clinical Decision Support rules derived from CMS9v4 - Exclusive Breastfeeding measure CQL Source
Exclusive Breastfeeding Measure Logic Quality Measurement logic used to express the CMS9v4 measure. CQL Source
CMS 146 Measure Logic Measure logic for CMS 146 used as the running example for Quality Reporting guidance in the Clinical Reasoning module. CQL Source
QUICK Model Definition The QUICK model information file used by the CQL-to-ELM translator to validate CQL written against the QUICK data model. XML Information Model
FHIR Model Definition The FHIR model information file used by the CQL-to-ELM translator to validate CQL written against the FHIR data model. XML Information Model
Example NameidFormat
Chlamydia Screening Common LibraryexampleXMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention Logiclibrary-exclusive-breastfeeding-cds-logicXMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Measurement Logiclibrary-exclusive-breastfeeding-cqm-logicXMLJSONTurtle
CMS146 Measure Logiclibrary-cms146-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
QUICK Model Definitionlibrary-quick-model-definitionXMLJSONTurtle
FHIR Model Definitionlibrary-fhir-model-definitionXMLJSONTurtle
Suicide Risk Order Set Logicsuiciderisk-orderset-logicXMLJSONTurtle
FHIR Helperslibrary-fhir-helpersXMLJSONTurtle
Zika Virus Management Intervention Logiczika-virus-intervention-logicXMLJSONTurtle
Zika Virus Management Librarycomposition-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Predecessor library examplelibrary-fhir-helpers-predecessorXMLJSONTurtle
OMTK Logicomtk-logicXMLJSONTurtle
OMTK Modelomtk-modelinfoXMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Common Libraryopioidcds-commonXMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 4 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-04XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 5 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-05XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 7 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-07XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 8 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-08XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 10 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-10XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 11 Logicopioidcds-recommendation-11XMLJSONTurtle
HIV Indicators Reporting Examplehiv-indicatorsXMLJSONTurtle

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.