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US Core Medication

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Where a Health Plan has access to Medication information, they SHALL make the information available using the US Core 3.1.1 Medication or US Core 6.1.0 Medication resource.

The essential fields (Must Support or Cardinality greater than 0..*) to be provided in the US Core 3.1.1 Medication or US Core 6.1.0 Medication resource are:

R4 Element Name Cardinality Type
Medication.code code 1..1 CodeableConcept

Table Definition

Example Medication Resource

An example mapping of a Medication is shown below:

  "resourceType": "Medication",
  "id": "med0311",
  "text": {
    "status": "generated",
    "div": "<div xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml\">

Generated Narrative with Details

id: med0311


code: Prednisone 5mg tablet (Product) (Details : {SNOMED CT code '373994007' = 'Prednisone 5mg tablet', given as 'Prednisone 5mg tablet (Product)'})

form: Tablet dose form (qualifier value) (Details : {SNOMED CT code '385055001' = 'Tablet', given as 'Tablet dose form (qualifier value)'})


*id: sub03; Prednisone (substance) (Details : {SNOMED CT code '116602009' = 'Prednisone', given as 'Prednisone (substance)'})5 mg (Details: UCUM code mg = 'mg')/1 TAB (Details: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-orderableDrugForm code TAB = 'Tablet')
</div>" }, "contained": [ { "resourceType": "Substance", "id": "sub03", "code": { "coding": [ { "system": "http://snomed.info/sct", "code": "116602009", "display": "Prednisone (substance)" } ] } } ], "code": { "coding": [ { "system": "http://snomed.info/sct", "code": "373994007", "display": "Prednisone 5mg tablet (Product)" } ] }, "form": { "coding": [ { "system": "http://snomed.info/sct", "code": "385055001", "display": "Tablet dose form (qualifier value)" } ] }, "ingredient": [ { "itemReference": { "reference": "#sub03" }, "strength": { "numerator": { "value": 5, "system": "http://unitsofmeasure.org", "code": "mg" }, "denominator": { "value": 1, "system": "http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v3-orderableDrugForm", "code": "TAB" } } } ] }

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