US Core Implementation Guide
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US Core Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International - Cross-Group Projects. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 6.1.0-snapshot1). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Observation Summary Table

This table compares Must Support Elements across all the US Core Observation Profiles.

Profile NameCategoryCodeTime TypesValue Types
head-occipital-frontal-circumference-percentilevital-signs8289-1 S dateTime | Period S (all)
pediatric-bmi-for-agevital-signs59576-9 S dateTime | Period S (all)
pediatric-weight-for-heightvital-signs77606-2 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-blood-pressurevital-signs85354-9 S dateTime | Period S (all)
  systolic8480-6 S Quantity
  diastolic8462-4 S Quantity
us-core-bmivital-signs39156-5 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-body-heightvital-signs8302-2 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-body-temperaturevital-signs8310-5 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-body-weightvital-signs29463-7 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-head-circumferencevital-signs9843-4 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-heart-ratevital-signs8867-4 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-observation-lablaboratoryextensible VS US Core Laboratory Test Codes S (all) S (all)
  industry86188-0 S CodeableConcept
us-core-observation-screening-assessmentsurveypreferred VS US Core Survey Codes S (all) S (all)
us-core-observation-sexual-orientation76690-7 S (all)(all)
us-core-pulse-oximetryvital-signsextensible VS US Core Vital Signs ValueSet S dateTime | Period S (all)
  FlowRate3151-8 S Quantity
  Concentration3150-0 S Quantity
us-core-respiratory-ratevital-signs9279-1 S dateTime | Period S (all)
us-core-smokingstatussocial-historyextensible VS US Core Smoking Status Observation CodesdateTime S (all)
us-core-vital-signsvital-signsextensible VS US Core Vital Signs ValueSet S dateTime | Period S (all)

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