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Example Bundle: AllergyIntolerance Provenance Example

Bundle c887e62f-6166-419f-8268-b5ecd6c7b901 of type searchset

Entry 1 - fullUrl =

Search:Mode = match

Resource AllergyIntolerance:

Generated Narrative: AllergyIntolerance

Resource AllergyIntolerance "79613" Version "1" Updated "2019-07-09 15:26:23+0000"

Profile: US Core AllergyIntolerance Profile

clinicalStatus: Active (AllergyIntolerance Clinical Status Codes#active)

verificationStatus: Confirmed (AllergyIntolerance Verification Status#confirmed)

category: MEDICATION

criticality: HIGH

code: Peanuts (SNOMED CT[US]#762952008)

patient: Patient/example " SHAW"

onset: 2017-06-09


*Hives (SNOMED CT[US]#247472004)2017-06-09

Entry 2 - fullUrl =

Search:Mode = include

Resource Provenance:

Provenance for See on this page: AllergyIntolerance/79613


Recorded2019-07-09 15:26:23+0000


TypewhoOn Behalf Of
AuthorPractitioner/practitioner-1 " BONE"Organization/saint-luke-w-endpoint "Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City"
AuthorPractitioner/practitioner-2 " KATHY"Organization/saint-luke-w-endpoint "Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City"