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Document Pmlc

The Medication Card document provides a consolidated overview of all active (and, optionally, also non-active) medications for a patient at a given period in time (as requested by the PHARM-1 FindMedicationCard request). Please see its description in the CH EMED IG.

It can only be generated by the eMedication service via a PHARM-1 FindMedicationCard request and retrieved via an ITI-43 request, but cannot be published via an ITI-41 request.


Example instances


This document contains consolidated MedicationStatements, meaning that all changes brought by PADV, PRE or DIS entries are applied to it (e.g. dosage or product changes).


  1. Last intervening author: represents the document author of the last entry (of any kind) in the treatment.
  2. Last medical author: represents the author of the last entry (of type MTP, PRE, or any type of PADV except COMMENT that applies to an MTP or PRE) in this treatment.

Generation rules

Treatments are selected for processing as follows:

  1. The MTP status shall be active.
  2. The MTP dosage end date shall be null or in the future.

Treatments are then processed as follows:

  1. If there are one or more active prescriptions, whose dosage end date is either null or in the future, then an item for each of these prescriptions is inserted in the medication card.
  2. If there is no such prescription, an item is inserted in the medication card.

An item is a MedicationStatement in the document and a line in the PDF.