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Document Mtp

The Medication Treatment Plan document describes ONE medication of a patient, a medication that has been, is or will be taken by the patient. Please see its description in the CH EMED IG.

A medication treatment plan (MTP) is an entry that describes the introduction of a medication into the patient’s treatment plan. It contains information about the medication and dosage instructions, and may contain start and end dates.


Example instances


A treatment may be in the following status: active, suspended, cancelled or refused. In the state active, the treatment is considered valid. In the states suspended, cancelled or refused, the patient should not be taking the medication. The state suspended is reversible to active with the publication of a PADV OK entry. The state cancelled indicates the treatment has been stopped, the state refused indicates someone has refused this treatment. States cancelled and refused are definitive.

Note: if the treatment is active, is does not mean the patient should take the medication, it means the patient should follow the dosage instructions, which may set a start or end date that specify the medication is not to be taken yet/anymore.