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Example Medication: Medication: Triatec

Generated Narrative: Medication

Resource Medication "MedicationTriatec"

Profile: CH EMED EPR Medication

code: TRIATEC Tabl 2.5 mg (unknown#7680538751228 "TRIATEC Tabl 2.5 mg 20 Stk")

form: Tablet (EDQM - Standard Terms#10219000)

amount: 20 Tablet (unit of presentation) (Details: SNOMED CT code 732936001 = 'Tablet (unit of presentation)')/1 Package (Details: SNOMED CT code 1681000175101 = 'Package - unit of product usage')


*Ramipril (SNOMED CT#386872004 "Ramipril (substance)")true2.5 milligram (Details: UCUM code mg = 'mg')/1 Tablet (Details: SNOMED CT code 732936001 = 'Tablet (unit of presentation)')