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ValueSet: Condition Inheritance Patterns

Official URL: Version: 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT
Active as of 2024-07-15 Computable Name: ConditionInheritanceModeVS

Value Set for specific transmission patterns of a condition in a pedigree


Logical Definition (CLD)

Generated Narrative: ValueSet condition-inheritance-mode-vs

  • Include these codes as defined in
    HP:0000006Autosomal dominant inheritance
    HP:0000007Autosomal recessive inheritance
    HP:0001417X-linked inheritance
    HP:0001419X-linked recessive inheritance
    HP:0001423X-linked dominant inheritance
    HP:0001426Multifactorial inheritance
    HP:0001427Mitochondrial inheritance
    HP:0001442Typified by somatic mosaicism
    HP:0001450Y-linked inheritance
    HP:0001470Sex-limited expression
    HP:0003743Genetic anticipation
    HP:0010983Oligogenic inheritance
    HP:0012274Autosomal dominant inheritance with paternal imprinting
    HP:0012275Autosomal dominant inheritance with maternal imprinting
    HP:0025352Typically de novo
    HP:0032113Semidominant inheritance



No Expansion for this valueset (Unknown Code System)

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