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Example AllergyIntolerance: AllergyIntolerance example

Generated Narrative: AllergyIntolerance

Resource AllergyIntolerance "example"

Profile: QICore AllergyIntolerance

identifier: http://acme.com/ids/patients/risks/49476534

clinicalStatus: Active (AllergyIntolerance Clinical Status Codes#active)

verificationStatus: Confirmed (AllergyIntolerance Verification Status#confirmed)

type: allergy

category: food

criticality: high

code: Cashew nuts (SNOMED CT#227493005)

patient: Patient/example " CHALMERS"

onset: 2004

recordedDate: 2014-10-09 14:58:00+1100

recorder: Practitioner/example " CAREFUL"

asserter: Patient/example " CHALMERS"

lastOccurrence: 2012-06-02 01:45:31+0000

note: The criticality is high becasue of the observed anaphylactic reaction when challenged with cashew extract.


substance: cashew nut allergenic extract Injectable Product (RxNorm#1160593)

manifestation: Anaphylactic reaction (SNOMED CT#39579001)

description: Challenge Protocol. Severe reaction to subcutaneous cashew extract. Epinephrine administered

onset: 2012-06-12

severity: severe

exposureRoute: Subcutaneous route (SNOMED CT#34206005)


manifestation: Urticaria (SNOMED CT#64305001)

onset: 2004

severity: moderate

note: The patient reports that the onset of urticaria was within 15 minutes of eating cashews.