Interoperable Digital Identity and Patient Matching
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Industry Initiatives

This section is an ongoing compilation of industry-wide (including international) digital identity and patient matching projects. These initiatives are about solving identity and matching. The current NIST 800-63 standard, a measure for evaluating identity verification and authentication assurance, is not listed on this page.

Digital Identity and Patient Matching Projects

AHIMA Naming Policy Recommendations white paper

Canadian Digital Identity Ecosystem’s Digital Trust And Identity and National Technical Specification for digital credentials and digital trust services

CARIN Digital Identity

DirectTrust Guidance for Authentication of Individual Identity

ECRI Health IT Safe Practices: Toolkit for the Safe Use of Health IT for Patient Identification

Finland and Germany Self-sovereign Identity-based Collaboration in the EU

Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN)

OpenID for Identity Assurance

Patient ID Now Coalition Framework for a National Strategy on Patient Identity (The Framework identified nine areas for definition of a national patient identity strategy)

IHE Profiles & other standards for Patient Identity Management

CARIN digital insurance card for member IDs

Direct Standard - Implementation Guide for Expressing Context in Direct Messaging

Overview: IHE whitepaper on Document Sharing Health Information Exchanges

IHE Trial Implmentation Resources

    IHE - Patient Demographics Query for Mobile (PDQm)

    IHE - Patient Identifier Cross-reference for Mobile (PIXm)

    IHE - Patient Master Identity Registry (PMIR)

IHE Final Text Profiles (normative)

    IHE - Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD)

    IHE - Patient Administration Management (PAM)

    IHE - Patient Demographics Query (PDQ)

    IHE - Patient Identifier Cross-Referencing (PIX)