Quality Measure Implementation Guide (STU3)
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Quality Measure Implementation Guide (STU3), published by Clinical Quality Information WG. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 3.0.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/cqf-measures/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions


This page details changes made in each version of the Quality Measure IG

STU3 Release for FHIR R4 (v3.0.0)

This release includes changes due to ballot reconciliation and connectathon testing. The following sections summarize the changes from the balloted version (v2.1.0), followed by a detailed changes list of all changes applied.

Terminology Services Change Summary

Changes to the CQFMExecutableValueSet profile:
  • Changed the warning extension from cqfm-usageWarning to valueset-warning (base extension)
  • Changed the fixed value of the warning extension to discuss conformance only (moved guidance to the IG)
  • Changed expansion contains elements to require a version unless the parameters element has a system-version for the system
Changes to the CQFMQualityProgram profile:
  • Removed cqfm-activeOnly and cqfm-expansionUri extensions in favor of the more general cqfm-expansionParameters extension
Changes to the ValueSet/$expand operation:
  • Clarified semantics of the manifest parameter
  • Clarified semantics of the expansion parameter
  • Changed includePreview parameter to includeDraft
Changes to the Measure Terminology Service:
  • Added Expansion Rules to describe expected expansion behavior in the presence of a manifest
  • Recommended support for useContext search parameters
  • Recommended support for reference search parameters
Changes to align with FHIR publishing
  • Added support for the terminology model of a server’s capability statement
  • Added support for batch operations for $validate-code
  • Required support for activeOnly and displayLanguage in $validate-code
  • Required support for activeOnly, displayLanguage, limitedExpansion, and default-to-latest-version parameters in $expand
  • Recommended support for includeDesignation, designation, and paging parameters in $expand
Outstanding Questions
  • Search by URL should return all versions with that URL, otherwise there is no way to get the list of versions for a given value set URL
  • If searches return a SUBSETTED resource by default, should the server should allow the _summary=false parameter to request full resources?
  • Given the id of a ValueSet is the OID, how can I retrieve specific versions of a ValueSet?
  • How can I retrieve a list of available expansions for a given ValueSet URL?
  • Can I use a GET to invoke $expand with both the url and valueSetVersion parameters? (Connectathon testing resulted in an error)

Measure Representation Change Summary

Changes to the CQFMMeasure profile:
  • Required CQFMMeasure Library reference to be a CQFMLibrary
  • Relaxed scoring, type, and improvementNotation cardinality
Changes to the CQFMComputableMeasure profile:
  • Changed cardinality of group to 0..*
  • Changed the representation of effective data requirements on a measure to use a contained module definition library, rather than extensions in the measure
  • Added fhirQueryPattern extension to communicate FHIR queries
  • Added isSelective extension to dataRequirement
  • Added valueFilter extension to support additional filtering in dataRequirement
  • Added constraints to enforce scoring, populationBasis, and improvementNotation be specified at the root or all groups, but not both
  • Added constraints to enforce population criteria in groups based on the group scoring extension
  • Required Library to be a CQFMComputableLibrary and all expressions to be text/cql-expression or -identifier
Added CQFMExecutableMeasure
  • Required Library to be a CQFMExecutableLibrary and all expressions to be text/cql-identifier
Changes to measure repository service:
  • Removed the bundle-based packaging profiles in favor of artifact-based profiles to ensure artifact packaging can use paging when artifact packages contain a large number of components
  • Added support for advertising CQL version support
Changes to measure authoring:
  • Allowed any number of models to be referenced, rather than requiring one and only one reference to QICore
  • Recommended not disabling method invocation to allow fluent functions to be used
  • Added support for mixed-basis ratio measure
  • Added ability to associated stratifiers with specific populations
  • Added the ability to specify scoringUnit for a measure
  • Added composite scoring code

Detailed Change Lists by Impact

Non-Compatible Changes
  • FHIR-36156: Required scoring, populationBasis, and improvementNotation to be specified at the root or on all groups, but not both
  • FHIR-33975: Changed executable value set to use the warning extension from the base specification
  • FHIR-33971: Restricted the use of the content element in a quality program
  • FHIR-33178: Required CQFMMeasure library reference to be a CQFMLibrary
  • FHIR-32748: Changed cardinality of group to 0..*
  • FHIR-32594: Changed the representation of expansion parameters to use a contained parameters resource rather than specific extensions per parameter
  • FHIR-32593: Changed the representation of effective data requirements on a measure to use a contained module definition library, rather than extensions in the measure
  • FHIR-30079: Removed the bundle-based packaging profiles in favor of artifact-based profiles to ensure that artifact packaging can use paging when artifact packages contain a large number of components
Compatible, Substantive Changes
  • FHIR-36304: Added CQFMExecutableMeasure profile to separate computable/executable concerns of a measure
  • FHIR-34290: Added capabilities to the measure terminology service to align with publishing terminology service capabilities
  • FHIR-33970: Added searching by useContext
  • FHIR-33968: Added searching for valuesets by artifacts that reference the value set
  • FHIR-33458: Added the fhirQueryPattern extension to support representing the FHIR query for a given data requirement
  • FHIR-33045: Added the ability to represent a mixed-basis population ratio measure (i.e. a ratio between encounters and procedures)
  • FHIR-32970: Relaxed conformance requirements on the use of QI Core from SHALL to SHOULD, to allow any FHIR IG(s) to be used for measure development
  • FHIR-32969: Added derivedFrom slice to support identifying previous versions of a measure
  • FHIR-32808: Added an invariant to ensure system-version is unambiguously communicated for all the codes in an expansion
  • FHIR-32686: Added an isSelective extension to support identifying “selective” data requirements (i.e. criteria that are positively indicative and likely to be selective of initial population membership)
  • FHIR-32675: Added the ability for a FHIR server to advertise the versions of CQL it supports
  • FHIR-32671: Added the ability to specify CQLOptions using a parameters resource
  • FHIR-32668: Added conformance expectations and guidance for specifying the version of CQL/ELM content in a library
  • FHIR-32372: Added a valueFilter extension to support representing additional filtering criteria in a data requirement
  • FHIR-32334: Added defaultValue extension to support representing default values for parameters
  • FHIR-32231: Updated measure narrative generation to display logic items in alphabetical order
  • FHIR-31921: Changed “preview” parameter in valueSet$expand operation to “includeDraft”
  • FHIR-31680: Added the ability to associated stratifiers with specific populations
  • FHIR-31624: Corrected all-or-none composite measure calculation formulas
  • FHIR-31409: Added quality domain and meaningful measure area to be specified for measures in a quality program
  • FHIR-30875: Added measure repository service capability statement and description
  • FHIR-30874: Added measure terminology service capability statement and description
  • FHIR-30873: Added support for composite measures both within and across FHIR Measure resources
  • FHIR-30770: Added a ModelDefinition profile to support the use of FHIR Library resources containing CQL ModelInfo content
  • FHIR-30763: Added composite code to the scoring code system
  • FHIR-30569: Added conformance requirements for the use of FHIR Library resources containing CQL content
  • FHIR-30506: Added the ability to specify the scoringUnit of a measure
  • FHIR-30395: Added slices for version-independent, version-specific, short-name, publisher, and endorser identifiers for measures
  • FHIR-30394: Added a ComputableMeasure profile to represent the formal computation aspects common to all quality measures, regardless of the scoring method
  • FHIR-28338: Added criteriaReference extension to the Ratio measure profile to support dual initial populations
  • FHIR-27878: Relaxed conformance requirements on stratifier criteria to allow the use of codes and paths to elements
  • FHIR-27795: Added inputParameters extension to support identifying the input parameters for a test case
  • FHIR-21107: Added conformance requirement to support composite measure representation
Non-substantive Changes
  • FHIR-34882: Added a data repository role to the quality reporting sequence diagram to make clear the separation between reporting capabilities and data repository capabilities
  • FHIR-34197: Changed guidance on the use of DisableMethodInvocation to ensure fluent functions can be used in quality measures going forward
  • FHIR-33992: Corrected broken hyperlink
  • FHIR-33967: Clarified behavior of expansions when expansion parameters are specified in both the expand operation and the manifest used
  • FHIR-33966: Clarified conformance requirements versus usage guidance in the executable value set profile
  • FHIR-33016: Added guidance on avoiding the use of direct reference codes for UCUM units
  • FHIR-32884: Corrected headings throughout
  • FHIR-32747: Corrected typographical error
  • FHIR-32746: Corrected typographical error
  • FHIR-32745: Corrected typographical error
  • FHIR-32744: Validated examples conform to expected profiles
  • FHIR-32742: Clarified documentation of the use of value sets during the authoring phase of the content management lifecycle
  • FHIR-32741: Corrected typographical error
  • FHIR-32740: Clarified that the measure repository services are represented with a focus on measures, but conceptually are broadly applicable to other types of knowledge artifacts
  • FHIR-32739: Clarified that the measure terminology service is represented with a focus on measures, but conceptually is broadly applicable to other types of knowledge artifacts
  • FHIR-32738: Added an introductory description for the quality reporting sequence diagram
  • FHIR-32737: Clarified quality program examples
  • FHIR-32736: Clarified quality program documentation
  • FHIR-32735: Clarified measure implementation as the focus of capabilities supported by this IG
  • FHIR-32734: Fixed typographical error
  • FHIR-32733: Clarified definition of a quality measure in the IG introduction
  • FHIR-32732: Clarified the metric development step in the quality improvement ecosystem discussion
  • FHIR-32731: Added registries as a stakeholder in the quality improvement ecosystem
  • FHIR-32730: Added internal quality improvement initiatives as a use case in the quality improvement ecosystem discussion
  • FHIR-32729: Clarified that payers are not primary developers of clinical guidelines
  • FHIR-32728: Clarified that improvement of clinical care is the focus of the quality improvement ecosystem
  • FHIR-32727: Clarified cyclic nature of the quality improvement ecosystem
  • FHIR-32726: Added internal quality improvement initiatives as a potential use case in the quality improvement ecosystem discussion
  • FHIR-32725: Highlighted the role of clinician judgement in the quality improvement ecosystem discussion
  • FHIR-32722: Added additional examples of stakeholders to the quality improvement ecosystem discussion
  • FHIR-32688: Noted that multiple versions of the same code system may be used in a single $expand
  • FHIR-32687: Clarified that expansion identifiers are server-specific
  • FHIR-32651: Added examples of expansions given the use of a manifest parameter
  • FHIR-32596: Added Must Support documentation
  • FHIR-32199: Corrected layout issue
  • FHIR-32079: Added discussion about referencing any FHIR type, as opposed to only FHIR types profiled by QI Core
  • FHIR-31942: Fixed a typographical error
  • FHIR-31941: Clarified description of Conformance Requirement 3.15
  • FHIR-31940: Fixed a typographical error
  • FHIR-31592: Clarified description of population criteria in the population scoring algorithm diagrams
  • FHIR-30764: Added trial-use note seeking feedback on the usefulness of a “Measure Source” metadata attribute
  • FHIR-30401: Added discussion of the use of Group resource to characterize attribution models, such as DaVinci Attribution (ATR)
  • FHIR-29649: Duplicate of 28239
  • FHIR-28303: Added mapping from V3 Aggregate Method to FHIR Aggregate Method
  • FHIR-28302: Added mapping from V3 Composite Measure Scoring to FHIR Composite Measure Scoring
  • FHIR-28301: Added mapping from V3 Measure Scoring to FHIR Measure Scoring
  • FHIR-28300: Added mapping from V3 Measure Types to FHIR Measure Types
  • FHIR-28290: Clarified the definition of population basis
  • FHIR-28288: Updated examples to use “citation” related artifact code, rather than “documentation” when they were citations of references
  • FHIR-28239: Corrected cardinality of CQFMMeasure.profile meta constraint
  • FHIR-28238: Corrected cardinality of CQFMLibrary.profile meta constraint
  • FHIR-28210: Corrected description of EXM146 as an encounter-based measure
  • FHIR-28206: Updated glossary terms
  • FHIR-26331: Corrected breadcrumbs display throughout the IG
  • FHIR-26329: Updated the IG to use the standard HL7 FHIR IG template

STU3 Ballot for FHIR R4 (v2.1.0)

This ballot release introduces support for composite measures, and adds descriptions of a Measure Terminology Service and a Measure Repository in support of authoring, distributing, and evaluating quality measures.

  • Applied:conformance requirement 1 does not mention composite measures. Should it? (FHIR-21107)
  • Applied:Need to clarify how measure evaluation parameters are specified in a test case (FHIR-27795)
  • Applied:Permit stratifier expression to have any type (Conformance requirement 15) (FHIR-27878)
  • Applied:Glossary population criteria entries are inconsistent with population code system (FHIR-28206)
  • Applied:Example measure 146 is incorrectly described as “patient-based” (FHIR-28210)
  • Applied:CQFM Library has incorrect cardinality for profile constraint (FHIR-28238)
  • Applied:CQFMMeasure profile has incorrect cardinality for profile constraint (FHIR-28239)
  • Applied:Possible issue with related artifact example (FHIR-28288)
  • Applied:PopulationBasis definition (FHIR-28290)
  • Applied:Measure Type valueset needs a concept map to the V3 codes (FHIR-28300)
  • Applied:Measure scoring value set needs a concept map from V3 (FHIR-28301)
  • Applied:Composite Measure Scoring needs a mapping to V3 concepts (FHIR-28302)
  • Applied:Aggregate method needs a mapping to HL7 V3 concepts (FHIR-28303)
  • Applied:Ratio measure profile (FHIR-28338)
  • Applied:Cardinality of Measure.meta.profile (FHIR-29649)
  • Applied:Issues with Packaging and Bundle profiles (FHIR-30079)
  • Applied:Define a computable measure profile (FHIR-30394)
  • Applied:Add identifier slices for shortname, publisher, and endorser (FHIR-30395)
  • Applied:Add attribution model identifier to quality program (FHIR-30401)
  • Applied:Support specification of scoringUnit (FHIR-30506)
  • Applied:Conformance requirements for CQL Library resource usage (FHIR-30569)
  • Resolved - No Change Required:Support authoring concerns for inactive value set codes (FHIR-30573)
  • Resolved - Change Required:Move the “composite” code from Measure Type to Measure Scoring (FHIR-30763)
  • Resolved - Change Required:Allow the specification of “intended data source” (FHIR-30764)
  • Applied:Add a profile for FHIR Model Info Library (FHIR-30770)
  • Applied:Add composite measure support and profiles (FHIR-30873)
  • Applied:Support measure terminology service (FHIR-30874)
  • Applied:Create measure repository service (FHIR-30875)
  • Applied:Support specifying quality domain and meaningful measure area in quality programs (FHIR-31409)
  • Applied:Modify diagram text to “Population Relationships” Figures 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 (FHIR-31592)
  • Applied:All-or-nothing scoring should use “implies” (FHIR-31624)

STU2 Release for FHIR R4 (v2.0.0)

This release includes changes applied as a result of ballot feedback as well as connectathon testing.


  • FHIR-26534 - Use of text/cql.identifier media type for CQL expression references
  • FHIR-21994 - Use of namespaces with CQL libraries
  • FHIR-25285 - Changed definition term extension to preserve association of term and definition
  • FHIR-21998 - Disallowed stratification of ratio measures
  • FHIR-21996 - Required use of called clause for included libraries

Compatible, Substantive

  • Corrections to proportion, ratio, and continuous-variable measure profiles
  • Added profile layering for shareable, computable, publishable, and executable capabilities
  • Added profiles and guidance for packaging, distribution, and testing
  • Clarified risk adjustment conformance requirements
  • Added support for identifying packaging, testing, and authoring tooling
  • Library and measure resources require narrative and profile declarations
  • Added publicationStatus and publicationDate extensions for relatedArtifact
  • Clarified calculation flow diagrams for all measure types
  • Clarified relationship of FHIR terminology to V3 measure terminology
  • Added support for defining and referencing measure programs


  • Numerous clarifications and corrections throughout

STU2 Ballot for FHIR R4 (v1.1.0)

This ballot is a minimal update to the STU1 ballot to address the following items:

  • Updated to use FHIR R4
  • Added artifact packaging guidance and conformance requirements

STU1 Release for FHIR STU3 (v1.0.0)

  • Clarifications and fixes throughout

Compatible, substantive

  • 21181 1..1 relationships
  • 21684 Risk adjustment naming conventions? - QM #15
  • 21156 Clarify where the risk adjustment variables are stored in the fhir document.
  • 21155 Inconsistent conformance requirements (16 and 17).
  • 21986 Denominator exceptions in differential table? - QM #136
  • 21988 Supporting measurement period without specifying year? - QM #137
  • 21145 conformance requirement 13 states that a continuous variable measure SHALL have a criteriaReference extension but the profile has this extension as 0..1 rather than 1..1. Should the profile have 1..1?
  • 21187 consider for all slices that are not “measure observation” to make cqfm-criteriaReference and cqfm-aggregateMethod 0..0
  • 21183 initial population slice for proportion measure is 1..2. Should be 1..1. (1..2 is for ratio measure).
  • 21192 EXM55 library references
  • 21178 Does it make sense for the profile itself to specify usage for criteriaReference and aggregateMethod (measure observations)
  • 21191 consider slicing content and including the required contentType (text/cql) and optional ones (application/elm+xml, application/elm+json)
  • 21984 Require use of specific model? - QM #135
  • 21158 Should this be a conformance requirement?
  • 21188 consider making cqfm-criteriaReference and cqfm-aggregateMethod 1..1 for “measure observation” slice.
  • 21186 measure population exclusion slice should be 0..1. population.code for this slice should still be required (1..1)
  • 21182 should population.identifier, supplementalData.identifier and stratification.identifier be required?
  • 21185 missing denominator exception slice
  • 21173 This statement uses SHOULD NOT language but the conformance requirement is SHALL NOT. Recommend rewording for clarity.
  • 21146 should conformance requirement 13 require an aggregateMethod extension on the measure observation criteria? It currently does not.


  • 21998 Restrict stratification of ratio measure - QM #142
  • 21994 Library namespace guidance - QM #140
  • 21056 Disallow the use of strings for membership testing in value sets and code systems
  • 21996 Library alias guidance - QM #141

STU1 Ballot for FHIR STU3 (v0.1.0)

STU1 Ballot for FHIR STU3 Version