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A tissue type of an animal.

Committee:Biomedical Research and Regulation Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.1590 (for OID based terminology systems)
Flags:Experimental, Immutable
Source Resource:XML / JSON

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This expansion generated 13 Aug 2022

This value set contains 189 concepts

Expansion based on AnimalTissueType v5.0.0-cibuild (CodeSystem)

All codes in this table are from the system

  100000072091All relevant tissues
  100000072095Fresh Milk
  100000072096Muscle and skin in natural proportions
  100000072105Skin and fat
  100000072107Meat and offal
  100000111053Adipose tissue
  100000111055Blood vessels
  100000111057Bone marrow
  100000111059Connective tissue
  100000111061Dental pulp
  100000111063Dura mater
  100000111064Egg, embryonated
  100000111066Egg white
  100000111067Egg yolk
  100000111069Enteric plexuses
  100000111073Fore-stomach (ruminants only)
  100000111074Gingival tissue
  100000111082Lard/lard oil
  100000111083Large intestine
  100000111086Lymph nodes
  100000111087Mammary gland
  100000111089Mammary tumour
  100000111090Meat extract
  100000111092Nictitating membrane
  100000111093Nasal mucosa
  100000111096Peripheral nerves
  100000111097Pituitary gland
  100000111101Seminal vesicle
  100000111102Rennet, calf
  100000111104Optic nerve
  100000111105Salivary gland
  100000111107Skeletal muscle
  100000111109Spinal ganglia
  100000111110Spinal cord
  100000111114Submaxillary glands
  100000111119Thyroid gland
  100000111123Trigeminal ganglia
  100000111125Uterus (Non-gravid)
  100000111127Ascites fluid
  100000111130Blood, foetal
  100000111132Cord blood
  100000111136Nasal mucus
  100000111137Placenta fluids
  100000111140Secretion from bees
  100000111142Serum, calf
  100000111143Serum, donor adult bovine
  100000111144Serum, donor calf
  100000111145Serum, foetal bovine
  100000111146Serum, newborn calf
  100000111147Serum/plasma derivate, adult bovine
  100000111148Serum/plasma, adult bovine
  100000111155Fermentation products
  100000111161Animal Charcoal
  100000111163Fatty acids
  100000125717Not applicable
  100000136180Meat and offal, milk
  100000136181Agar blood
  100000136182Casamino acid
  100000136183Casein, hydrolysate
  100000136184Casein, pancreatic digest
  100000136185Casein, peptides N3
  100000136187Cells, BHK21
  100000136188Cells, CHO
  100000136189Cells, CRFK
  100000136190Cells, embryo SPF
  100000136191Cells, IRC5
  100000136192Cells, kidney
  100000136193Cells, MDCK
  100000136194Cells, red blood
  100000136195Collagen, hydrolysate
  100000136197Egg, SPF embryonated
  100000136199Enzyme, pancreatic enzymes
  100000136200Enzyme, pancreatin 6NF
  100000136201Enzyme, pepsin
  100000136202Enzyme, pronase
  100000136203Enzyme, trypsin
  100000136204Heart, digest
  100000136205Heart, extract
  100000136206Intestinal mucosae
  100000136207Lactalbumin hydrolysate
  100000136208Liver, digest
  100000136211Meat, enzymic hydrolysate
  100000136212Medium, cooked meat
  100000136213Medium, F10-199 medium
  100000136214Medium, FMD culture medium
  100000136215Medium, Glasgow MEM culture
  100000136216Medium, LB Agar Lennox
  100000136217Medium, LB Broth Lennox
  100000136218Medium, modified thioglycolate medium
  100000136219Medium, trypticase soy broth
  100000136220Medium, tryptose phosphate broth
  100000136221Milk, skimmed
  100000136222Pancreas, extract
  100000136223Peptones, casein hydrochloric peptone
  100000136224Peptones, casein tryptic peptone
  100000136225Pituitary extract
  100000136227Medium, nutrient broth
  100000136228Medium, NZ-Amine
  100000136229Medium, thioglycolate medium
  100000136230Peptones, proteose peptone
  100000136232Serum, albumin
  100000136233Serum, Iron fortified calf
  100000136234Skin, connective tissue and bone
  100000136237Meat, extract desiccated
  100000136247Stomach mucosa
  100000136555Not specified
  100000136556Organ tissue
  100000142485Skin and fat in natural proportions


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