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Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/animal-tissue-type

A tissue type of an animal.

Committee:Biomedical Research and Regulation icon Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.4.2033 (for OID based terminology systems)
Flags:CaseSensitive, Complete
All codes ValueSet:AnimalTissueType

This Code system is used in the following value sets:

This code system http://hl7.org/fhir/animal-tissue-type defines the following codes:

100000072091 All relevant tissuesbtn btn
100000072092 Fatbtn btn
100000072093 Honeybtn btn
100000072094 Liverbtn btn
100000072095 Fresh Milkbtn btn
100000072096 Muscle and skin in natural proportionsbtn btn
100000072104 Eggsbtn btn
100000072105 Skin and fatbtn btn
100000072106 Kidneybtn btn
100000072107 Meat and offalbtn btn
100000072108 Musclebtn btn
100000072109 Unspecifiedbtn btn
100000111053 Adipose tissuebtn btn
100000111054 Adrenalbtn btn
100000111055 Blood vesselsbtn btn
100000111056 Bonebtn btn
100000111057 Bone marrowbtn btn
100000111058 Brainbtn btn
100000111059 Connective tissuebtn btn
100000111060 Corneabtn btn
100000111061 Dental pulpbtn btn
100000111062 Duodenumbtn btn
100000111063 Dura materbtn btn
100000111064 Egg, embryonatedbtn btn
100000111065 Eggbtn btn
100000111066 Egg whitebtn btn
100000111067 Egg yolkbtn btn
100000111068 Embryosbtn btn
100000111069 Enteric plexusesbtn btn
100000111070 Esophagusbtn btn
100000111071 Feathersbtn btn
100000111072 Foetusbtn btn
100000111073 Fore-stomach (ruminants only)btn btn
100000111074 Gingival tissuebtn btn
100000111075 Hairbtn btn
100000111076 Heart/pericardiumbtn btn
100000111077 Hidebtn btn
100000111078 Hoovesbtn btn
100000111079 Ileumbtn btn
100000111080 Jejunumbtn btn
100000111081 Kidneybtn btn
100000111082 Lard/lard oilbtn btn
100000111083 Large intestinebtn btn
100000111084 Liverbtn btn
100000111085 Lungbtn btn
100000111086 Lymph nodesbtn btn
100000111087 Mammary glandbtn btn
100000111088 Udderbtn btn
100000111089 Mammary tumourbtn btn
100000111090 Meat extractbtn btn
100000111091 Nasopharyngealbtn btn
100000111092 Nictitating membranebtn btn
100000111093 Nasal mucosabtn btn
100000111094 Ovarybtn btn
100000111095 Pancreasbtn btn
100000111096 Peripheral nervesbtn btn
100000111097 Pituitary glandbtn btn
100000111098 Placentabtn btn
100000111099 Prostatebtn btn
100000111100 Epididymisbtn btn
100000111101 Seminal vesiclebtn btn
100000111102 Rennet, calfbtn btn
100000111103 Retinabtn btn
100000111104 Optic nervebtn btn
100000111105 Salivary glandbtn btn
100000111106 Shankbtn btn
100000111107 Skeletal musclebtn btn
100000111108 Skinbtn btn
100000111109 Spinal gangliabtn btn
100000111110 Spinal cordbtn btn
100000111111 Spleenbtn btn
100000111112 Stomachbtn btn
100000111113 Abomasumbtn btn
100000111114 Submaxillary glandsbtn btn
100000111115 Tallowbtn btn
100000111116 Tendonbtn btn
100000111117 Testisbtn btn
100000111118 Thymusbtn btn
100000111119 Thyroid glandbtn btn
100000111120 Tonguebtn btn
100000111121 Tonsilbtn btn
100000111122 Tracheabtn btn
100000111123 Trigeminal gangliabtn btn
100000111124 Tripebtn btn
100000111125 Uterus (Non-gravid)btn btn
100000111126 Woolbtn btn
100000111127 Ascites fluidbtn btn
100000111128 Bilebtn btn
100000111129 Blood1btn btn
100000111130 Blood, foetalbtn btn
100000111131 Colostrumbtn btn
100000111132 Cord bloodbtn btn
100000111133 CSFbtn btn
100000111134 Faecesbtn btn
100000111135 Milkbtn btn
100000111136 Nasal mucusbtn btn
100000111137 Placenta fluidsbtn btn
100000111138 Plasmabtn btn
100000111139 Salivabtn btn
100000111140 Secretion from beesbtn btn
100000111141 Semenbtn btn
100000111142 Serum, calfbtn btn
100000111143 Serum, donor adult bovinebtn btn
100000111144 Serum, donor calfbtn btn
100000111145 Serum, foetal bovinebtn btn
100000111146 Serum, newborn calfbtn btn
100000111147 Serum/plasma derivate, adult bovinebtn btn
100000111148 Serum/plasma, adult bovinebtn btn
100000111149 Sweatbtn btn
100000111150 Tearsbtn btn
100000111151 Urinebtn btn
100000111152 Venombtn btn
100000111153 Wheybtn btn
100000111154 Caseinbtn btn
100000111155 Fermentation productsbtn btn
100000111156 Gelatinbtn btn
100000111157 Lactosebtn btn
100000111158 Proteinbtn btn
100000111159 Insulinbtn btn
100000111160 Collagenbtn btn
100000111161 Animal Charcoalbtn btn
100000111162 Peptonesbtn btn
100000111163 Fatty acidsbtn btn
100000111164 Glycerolbtn btn
100000125717 Not applicablebtn btn
100000136180 Meat and offal, milkbtn btn
100000136181 Agar bloodbtn btn
100000136182 Casamino acidbtn btn
100000136183 Casein, hydrolysatebtn btn
100000136184 Casein, pancreatic digestbtn btn
100000136185 Casein, peptides N3btn btn
100000136186 Cellsbtn btn
100000136187 Cells, BHK21btn btn
100000136188 Cells, CHObtn btn
100000136189 Cells, CRFKbtn btn
100000136190 Cells, embryo SPFbtn btn
100000136191 Cells, IRC5btn btn
100000136192 Cells, kidneybtn btn
100000136193 Cells, MDCKbtn btn
100000136194 Cells, red bloodbtn btn
100000136195 Collagen, hydrolysatebtn btn
100000136196 Cholesterolbtn btn
100000136197 Egg, SPF embryonatedbtn btn
100000136198 Enzymebtn btn
100000136199 Enzyme, pancreatic enzymesbtn btn
100000136200 Enzyme, pancreatin 6NFbtn btn
100000136201 Enzyme, pepsinbtn btn
100000136202 Enzyme, pronasebtn btn
100000136203 Enzyme, trypsinbtn btn
100000136204 Heart, digestbtn btn
100000136205 Heart, extractbtn btn
100000136206 Intestinal mucosaebtn btn
100000136207 Lactalbumin hydrolysatebtn btn
100000136208 Liver, digestbtn btn
100000136209 Lymphocytesbtn btn
100000136210 Meatbtn btn
100000136211 Meat, enzymic hydrolysatebtn btn
100000136212 Medium, cooked meatbtn btn
100000136213 Medium, F10-199 mediumbtn btn
100000136214 Medium, FMD culture mediumbtn btn
100000136215 Medium, Glasgow MEM culturebtn btn
100000136216 Medium, LB Agar Lennoxbtn btn
100000136217 Medium, LB Broth Lennoxbtn btn
100000136218 Medium, modified thioglycolate mediumbtn btn
100000136219 Medium, trypticase soy brothbtn btn
100000136220 Medium, tryptose phosphate brothbtn btn
100000136221 Milk, skimmedbtn btn
100000136222 Pancreas, extractbtn btn
100000136223 Peptones, casein hydrochloric peptonebtn btn
100000136224 Peptones, casein tryptic peptonebtn btn
100000136225 Pituitary extractbtn btn
100000136226 Rennetbtn btn
100000136227 Medium, nutrient brothbtn btn
100000136228 Medium, NZ-Aminebtn btn
100000136229 Medium, thioglycolate mediumbtn btn
100000136230 Peptones, proteose peptonebtn btn
100000136231 Serumbtn btn
100000136232 Serum, albuminbtn btn
100000136233 Serum, Iron fortified calfbtn btn
100000136234 Skin, connective tissue and bonebtn btn
100000136235 Spermbtn btn
100000136236 Tryptonebtn btn
100000136237 Meat, extract desiccatedbtn btn
100000136247 Stomach mucosabtn btn
100000136248 Transferinbtn btn
100000136554 Non-neuralbtn btn
100000136555 Not specifiedbtn btn
100000136556 Organ tissuebtn btn
100000142485 Skin and fat in natural proportionsbtn btn


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