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FHIR Infrastructure Work Group Maturity Level: 2Trial Use Compartments: N/A

This operation is used to return the current SubscriptionStatus information about one or more Subscriptions.

The official URL for this operation definition is

Formal Definition (as a OperationDefinition).

URL: [base]/Subscription/$status

URL: [base]/Subscription/[id]/$status

This is an idempotent operation

In Parameters:

At the Resource level, one or more parameters containing one or more comma-delimited FHIR ids of Subscriptions to get status information for. In the absense of any specified ids, the server returns the status for all Subscriptions available to the caller. At the Instance level, this parameter is ignored.

Out Parameters:

The bundle type is "searchset"

Note: as this is the only out parameter, it is a resource, and it has the name 'return', the result of this operation is returned directly as a resource

Request: Request the current status of Subscription ABC123

GET [base]/Subscription/ABC123/$status

Response: Returned on successful evaluation

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<Bundle xmlns="">
  <id value="e13caf38-c856-461f-8374-6fe71248684c"/>
  <type value="searchset" />
  <timestamp value="2020-04-17T10:24:13.1882432-05:00" />
    <fullUrl value="urn:uuid:815477f2-a94c-4197-a82a-9f974155debc"/>
      <SubscriptionStatus xmlns="">
        <id value="815477f2-a94c-4197-a82a-9f974155debc"/>
        <status value="active"/>
        <type value="query-status"/>
        <eventsSinceSubscriptionStart value="310"/>
        <eventsInNotification value="0"/>
          <reference value=""/>
        <topic value=""/>
      <mode value="match"/>


For more information about operations, including how they are invoked, see Operations.