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This table lists profiles for the PlanDefinition resource. For background information, see Profiling Resources and Extensibility. Additional profiles and extensions may be found in published Implementation Guides icon, or in the Conformance resource registry icon.


Defines a PlanDefinition that implements the behavior for a CDS Hooks service

C D S Hooks Service Plan Definition

Defines a computable PlanDefinition that specifies a single library and requires all expressions referenced from the PlanDefinition to be definitions in that single library

CQF PlanDefinition

Supports declaration of the PlanDefinition metadata required by HL7 and other organizations that share and publish plandefinitions with a focus on the aspects of that metadata that are important for post-publication activities including distribution, inclusion in repositories, consumption, and implementation.

CQF PlanDefinition

Enforces the minimum information set for the plan definition metadata required by HL7 and other organizations that share and publish plan definitions

Base Profile for PlanDefinition