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Implementable Technology Specifications Work GroupMaturity Level: 2Standards Status: Draft

nd-json (New line delimited JSON) is a variant of the JSON format that is supported for bulk data transfer. In principle, nd-json is a simple variation on the JSON format, but where resources are serialized with no whitespace, and separated by a newline pair (characters 13 and 10).

  { "resourceType" : "[type]", .... }
  { "resourceType" : "[type]", .... }

The MIME-type for this format is application/fhir+ndjson.

In order to simplify nd-json processing, each nd-json document contains only resources of a single type - every line contains a resource of a particular type. (though note that resources may still contain contained resources of various types).

On the RESTful API, the nd-json format can only be retrieved using the Asynchronous Pattern.