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Pharmacy icon Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Business Compartments: No defined compartments

Mappings for the medication resource (see Mappings to Other Standards for further information & status).

    codeRXO-1.1 Requested Give Code.code / RXE-2.1 Give Code.code / RXD-2.1 Dispense/Give Code.code / RXG-4.1 Give Code.code /RXA-5.1 Administered Code.code / RXC-2.1 Component Code
    doseFormRXO-5 Requested Dosage Form / RXE-6 Give Dosage Form / RXD-6 Actual Dosage Form / RXG-8 Give Dosage Form / RXA-8 Administered Dosage Form
        itemRXC-2 Component Code if medication: RXO-1 Requested Give Code / RXE-2 Give Code / RXD-2-Dispense Give Code / RXG-4 Give Code / RXA-5 Administered Code
        strength[x]RXC-3 Component Amount & RXC-4 Component Units if medication: RXO-2 Requested Give Amount - Minimum & RXO-4 Requested Give Units / RXO-3 Requested Give Amount - Maximum & RXO-4 Requested Give Units / RXO-11 Requested Dispense Amount & RXO-12 Requested Dispense Units / RXE-3 Give Amount - Minimum & RXE-5 Give Units / RXE-4 Give Amount - Maximum & RXE-5 Give Units / RXE-10 Dispense Amount & RXE-10 Dispense Units
        lotNumberRXA-15 Substance Lot Number / RXG-19 Substance Lot Number
        expirationDateRXA-16 Substance Expiration Date / RXG-20 Substance Expiration Date
MedicationNewRx/MedicationPrescribed -or- RxFill/MedicationDispensed -or- RxHistoryResponse/MedicationDispensed -or- RxHistoryResponse/MedicationPrescribed
    codecoding.code = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugCoded/ProductCode coding.system = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugCoded/ProductCodeQualifier coding.display = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugDescription
    doseFormcoding.code = //element(*,DrugCodedType)/FormCode coding.system = //element(*,DrugCodedType)/FormSourceCode
        itemcoding.code = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugCoded/ProductCode coding.system = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugCoded/ProductCodeQualifier coding.display = //element(*,MedicationType)/DrugDescription
    batchno mapping
        lotNumberno mapping
        expirationDateno mapping