Te Whatu Ora Shared Care FHIR API
0.3.9 - release New Zealand flag

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ActivityDefinition: Vital Signs Observation Service Request (Experimental)

Official URL: https://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/ActivityDefinition/MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate Version: 0.1.6
Active as of 2024-03-22 Computable Name: COVID19ObservationVitalSignsRequestTemplate
Other Identifiers: MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate (use: OFFICIAL, period: 7/25/23 --> (ongoing)), COVID19MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate (use: TEMP, period: (?) --> 7/25/23)

COVID-19 Request Measurement Collection

Makes ServiceRequests which seek vital signs collection observations

Generated Narrative: ActivityDefinition

Resource ActivityDefinition "MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate" (Language "en-NZ")

url: https://build.fhir.org/ig/tewhatuora/cinc-fhir-ig/ActivityDefinition/MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate

identifier: MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate (use: OFFICIAL, period: 2023-07-25 --> (ongoing)), COVID19MeasurementProcedureRequestTemplate (use: TEMP, period: (?) --> 2023-07-25)

version: 0.1.6

name: COVID19ObservationVitalSignsRequestTemplate

title: Vital Signs Observation Service Request

status: active

experimental: true

subject: Patient (ResourceType#Patient)

date: 2024-03-22 03:40:00+0000

publisher: Te Whatu Ora

contact: Te Whatu Ora: https://www.tewhatuora.govt.nz/, David Grainger: david.grainger@middleware.co.nz

description: COVID-19 Request Measurement Collection

jurisdiction: New Zealand (ISO 3166-1 Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions — Part 1: Country code#NZ)

purpose: Makes ServiceRequests which seek vital signs collection observations

usage: For use in COVID-19 Care in the Community care plans to request a vital signs observation.

kind: ServiceRequest

code: Taking patient vital signs (procedure) (SNOMED CT#61746007)

intent: order

priority: urgent

doNotPerform: false

timing: Starting 2022-11-01, 3-3 per 1 days, Until 2022-11-29