CH RAD-Order (R4)
0.1.0 - STU 1 Ballot

CH RAD-Order (R4), published by HL7 Switzerland. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.1.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

ValueSet: View Type


Defining URL:
Title:View Type
Status:Active as of 2021-11-15T11:43:05+00:00

Definition for View Type Value Set in the context of CH RAD-Order.

Publisher:HL7 Switzerland


Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle


Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    RID50104Endorectal view
    RID5008710 degree caudal angle view
    RID5009010 degree cephalic angle view
    RID5009120 degree cephalic angle view
    RID50092Posteroanterior 30 degree flexion view
    RID5008830 degree caudal angle view
    RID5009345 degree cephalic angle view
    RID5009490 degree abduction view
    RID43583AP view
    RID10439Lateral decubitus position
    RID10425Left lateral decubitus position
    RID10424Right lateral decubitus position
    RID45790Axillary view
    RID43665Norgaard view
    RID50095Bora view
    RID50096Brewerton view
    RID43671Caldwell view
    RID43616Danelius miller view
    RID43618Ferguson view
    RID43621Friedman view
    RID50097Garth view
    RID43625Grashey view
    RID50098Harris view
    RID43630Holmblad view
    RID45788Inlet view
    RID43637Judet view
    RID50106Left anterior oblique view
    RID43591lateral view
    RID45782cross table lateral view
    RID50107Lateral frog leg view
    RID50109Lateral spot view
    RID50111Laurin view
    RID45780Left lateral view
    RID43593left oblique view
    RID43584apical lordotic view
    RID50113Left posterior oblique view
    RID43654Merchant view
    RID50114Mediolateral oblique view
    RID50115Mortise view
    RID45661oblique view
    RID50116Odontoid view
    RID45789Outlet view
    RID43594PA view
    RID50118Posteroanterior prone view
    RID50119radio head capitallar view
    RID50120Right anterior oblique view
    RID45781Right lateral view
    RID43596right oblique view
    RID50099Rosenberg view
    RID50121Right posterior oblique view
    RID50122Scaphoid view
    RID50123Serendipity view
    RID43597Spot view
    RID43682Stryker notch view
    RID45786Sunrise view
    RID45663swimmers view
    RID50124Tangential view
    RID43686Towne view
    RID45785Transthoracic view
    RID50125True anteroposterior view
    RID50126True lateral view
    RID45787Tunnel view
    RID10455Upright position
    RID50127Velpeau view
    RID50100Von Rosen view
    RID43689Occipitomental view
    RID50102Waters upright view
    RID43690West point view
    RID50128Laterally exaggerated craniocaudal view
    RID50129Y view
    RID50103Zanca view
    RID50070posteroanterior 45-degree flexion view
    RID50079Internal rotation view
    RID50077External rotation view
    RID43586cone view
    RID10451Open mouth position
    RID50172closed mouth position
    RID43653Mayer view
    RID45779supine view
    RID50386Oblique upright view
    RID10509Implant displaced
    RID50328air gap breast view
    RID10534Radiography grid
    RID10447Ulnar deviation position
    RID10446Radial deviation position
    RID43667original Law view
    RID43681Stenvers view
    RID45791Submentovertical view
    RID45795Obliques view
    RID50367sunrise 20 degrees view
    RID50368sunrise 40 degrees view
    RID50369sunrise 60 degrees view
    RID50372Merchant 60 degrees view
    RID50371Merchant 45 degrees view
    RID50370Merchant 30 degrees view
    RID50373Trans-scapular view
    RID43600Arcein view
    RID10579axial plane
    RID50534Bitewing view
    RID45783carpal tunnel view
    RID43605Broden view
    RID50535Jones view
    RID50329rolled breast view
    RID10521Frontal projection
    RID50635Oblique crosstable
    RID50628Max abduction
    RID50629Oblique prone



No Expansion for this valueset (Unknown Code System)

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