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Modular Form

SDC Modular Forms

Modular Forms describes an architecture to support constructing forms from other sub-forms and/or from libraries of pre-defined questions to ease form development and maintenance. See also the SDC specification here.

CH ORF Modular Form

It is common for questionnaires to share content - the same questions or even the same sections might appear in multiple forms.

The mechanism for enabling re-use in CH ORF is as follows:
Modular Questionnaires allow one questionnaire to be composed of sub-questionnaires (which can in turn be composed of further sub-questionnaires, and so on).

The ORF Questionnaire is split up in different sections, e.g. Order, Receiver, Patient etc. Each of this section is defined in a separate questionnaire module, in that way dependent Implementation Guides can directly reuse this sections into their derived ORF Questionnaires.

The base ORF Questionnaire is available in a modular version and in a assembled version.

A Form Filler using the modular version needs to assemble the questionnaire with the subQuestionnaires. A FHIR server can support this by offering support for the $assemble operation.

CH ORF Questionnaire Section Modules

Each section of the ORF Questionnaire is defined by a modular subQuestionnaire:

Further re-usable modules used in the sections: