CH eTOC (R4)
0.0.1 - CI Build

CH eTOC (R4), published by HL7 Switzerland. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 0.0.1). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions



The CH eTransition of Care (CH eTOC) Implementation Guide defines the content of a referral from a GP to the hospital, to a specialist, from one hispital to another etc.

CH eTOC is intended for use in directional communiation as well as for the use in the SWISS EPR.


This Implementation Guide uses FHIR defined resources. For details on HL7 FHIR R4 see

Because the Implementation Guide relies heavily on the FHIR Resources Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse, forms are addressed here as Questionnaires.

This Implementation Guide is derived from the Order & Referral by Form (ORF) Implementation Guide CH-ORF which relies on HL7 Structured Data Capture Implementation Guide, see SDC IG and uses the Swiss Core Profiles, see CH Core

Applications claiming for conformance with the CH eTOC Implementation Guide shall:

  • Render (and in case of the Questionnaire filler allow for data entry) all elements of a questionnaire marked as "CH-mandatoy" in the user interface (e.g. on screen, in print). Grouping of items and the order of items within shall be adequately reproduced according to the Questionnaire.
  • Be able to process all items denoted as "CH-mandatoy".

Currently, some items are marked as "MUST SUPPORT". This is due to the fact, that this IG is derived partly from the International Patient Summary (IPS). It is envisaged, that CH eTOC shall support all MUST SUPORT Items of IPS in a future version. For the time now, this is not the case; the first DSTU requests only support of "CH-mandatoy" items: these are mainly free text entries.

As a consequence of this decision, the first version of CH eTOC does not claim to be confromant to IPS.

Vendors of applications with Questionnaire Filler/Questionnaire Receiver Actors are strongly recommended to implement interfaces to other applications (such as HIS and PACS) for all MUST SUPPORT items.

Actors, transcations and security considerations are covered in the corresponding sections of CH-ORF


This section is not yet written.