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CARIN Blue Button, CARIN Alliance - CI build for vesion 0.1.37-DRAFT). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

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This is the Continuous Integration Build of the CARINBlueButton Implementation Guide, based on FHIR Version 4.0.0. See the Directory of published versions based on FHIR Version 4.0.0. See the Directory of published versions


CARIN Alliance Enabling consumers and their authorized caregivers to access more of their digital health information with less friction.

This implementation guide describes the CARIN Alliance Blue Button 2.0 Framework and Common Payer Consumer Data Set (CPCDS), providing a set of resources that payers can display to consumers via a FHIR API.

See the Table of Contents for more information.

Please note that this implementation guide is currently a work in progress and is in draft status.

Latest Changes

  • (37) Updated Feedback section with Zulip stream information
  • (36) Added explicit “draft” verbiage
  • (35) Revised narrative content
  • (34) Removed Credits and added USCore Patient based CARINBBPatient profile
  • (33) Removed mapping page content and created new pages for Coverage, Patient, Comprehensive, and Data Index (to match spreadsheet); added content from spreadsheet to the pages
  • (32) Added 4 specific EOB and 1 Coverage profiles
  • (31) Removed mapping pages for Claim, Claim LIne, Diagnosis, Procedure, Member and Coverage; removed 10 EOB profile stubs and replaced with 1 base profile
  • (30) Added pages to hold mappings for EOB Inpatient Facility, EOB Outpatient Facility, EOB Professional/Non-Clinician, and EOB Pharmacy
  • (29) Updated Provider and Claim Line Amounts mappings.
  • (28) Removed references to flat file format. Combined CPCDS format and mapping sections. Updated sample reverse mapping.
  • (27) Replaced 6 EOB profiles (one per claim type) with 10 EOB profiles (one per claim/subclaim type, flattened). Renamed things with new naming convention.
  • (26) Added sample of reverse mapping narrative for ExplanationOfBenefit
  • (25) Added FHIR Resources section to narrative and included Example EOB.
  • (24) Replaced EOB profile with one EOB profile for each claim type. Added Business Rules page as a placeholder.
  • (23) Added the Latest Changes section. Added USCoreR4 Dependency.