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ValueSet: US Core Encounter Type

Official URL: Version: 7.0.0-ballot
Standards status: Trial-use Maturity Level: 3 Computable Name: USCoreEncounterType

Copyright/Legal: 1. This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement.

  1. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is copyright 2020 American Medical Association. All rights reserved

The type of encounter: a specific code indicating type of service provided. This value set includes codes from SNOMED CT decending from the concept 308335008 (Patient encounter procedure (procedure)) and codes from the Current Procedure and Terminology (CPT) found in the following CPT sections:

  • 99201-99499 E/M - 99500-99600 home health (mainly nonphysician, such as newborn care in home) - 99605-99607 medication management - 98966-98968 non physician telephone services (subscription to AMA Required)


Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:



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Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  308335008 encounter procedure
  4525004 department patient visit
  12843005 hospital visit by physician
  14736009 evaluation and management
  18170008 nursing facility visit
  19681004 evaluation of patient and report
  50357006 and management of patient at home
  68341005, supervision at home
  69399002 hospital visit by physician
  83362003 inpatient visit with instructions at discharge
  86013001 reevaluation and management of healthy individual
  86181006 and management of inpatient
  90526000 evaluation and management of healthy individual
  108219001 visit with evaluation AND/OR management service
  108220007 AND/OR management - new patient
  108221006 AND/OR management - established patient
  185321005 encounter to patient
  185345009 for symptom
  185346005 for sign
  185347001 for problem
  185348006 for fear
  185349003 for check up (procedure)
  185387006 patient consultation
  185462000 visit request by relative
  185463005 out of hours
  185464004 of hours visit - not night visit
  185465003 visit
  185466002 visit for urgent condition (procedure)
  185467006 visit for acute condition (procedure)
  185468001 visit for chronic condition (procedure)
  185469009 nurse visit
  185470005 visit elderly assessment
  207195004 and physical examination with evaluation and management of nursing facility patient
  209099002 and physical examination with management of domiciliary or rest home patient
  210098006 or rest home patient evaluation and management
  225929007 home visit
  270424005 encounter from patient
  270427003 encounter
  270430005 encounter
  288836004 on elements of the care plan
  310587004 annual visit by district nurse
  310588009 by health visitor
  315205008 holiday home visit
  401271004 sent to patient
  408482001 nurse follow up (procedure)
  408483006 nurse initial visit (procedure)
  408487007 visitor follow up (procedure)
  416520008 for unaccompanied minor (procedure)
  423215004 of continuity of care (regime/therapy)
  439058005 visit for care and maintenance of urinary catheter (procedure)
  439708006 visit (procedure)
  439887005 visit for mechanical ventilation care (procedure)
  440068009 visit for newborn care and assessment (procedure)
  440085006 visit for postpartum care and assessment (procedure)
  440146002 visit for care and maintenance of colostomy (procedure)
  440168007 of copy of letter from specialist to patient (procedure)
  440568002 with nurse at next appointment requested (procedure)
  440611006 visit for marriage counseling (procedure)
  440696002 visit for intramuscular injection (procedure)
  441244001 visit for cystostomy care and maintenance (procedure)
  448337001 consultation with patient (procedure)
  698704008 visit for rheumatology service (procedure)
  704126008 visit for anticoagulant drug monitoring (procedure)
  711458003 for fitness for duty exam
  866149003 visit
  1237136005 with patient (procedure)
  1258986006 encounter (procedure)
  1269515004 to face consultation with patient (procedure)
  3391000175108 visit for pediatric care and assessment (procedure)
  4141000175103 for blood donation (procedure)
  6051000124107 consultation (procedure)
  6061000124109 evaluation and mitigation strategy consultation (procedure)
  444971000124105 wellness visit (procedure)
  452081000124104 evaluation of new immigrant (procedure)
  453701000124103 encounter (procedure)
  456201000124103 annual wellness visit (procedure)
  461231000124109 for suicide risk management

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