US Core Implementation Guide
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US Core Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Cross-Group Projects. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 7.0.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Resource Profile: USCorePractitionerProfile - Mappings

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Mappings for the us-core-practitioner resource profile.

Mappings for HL7 v2 Mapping (

PractitionerPRD (as one example)
   identifierPRD-7 (or XCN.1)
      systemCX.4 / EI-2-4
      valueCX.1 / EI.1
      periodCX.7 + CX.8
      assignerCX.4 / (CX.4,CX.9,CX.10)
   identifier (NPI)PRD-7 (or XCN.1)
   nameXCN Components
      useXPN.7, but often indicated by which field contains the name
      textimplied by XPN.11
      givenXPN.2 + XPN.3
      periodXPN.13 + XPN.14
   telecomPRT-15, STF-10, ROL-12
      valueXTN.1 (or XTN.12)
      useXTN.2 - but often indicated by field
   addressORC-24, STF-11, ROL-11, PRT-14
      textXAD.1 + XAD.2 + XAD.3 + XAD.4 + XAD.5 + XAD.6
      lineXAD.1 + XAD.2 (note: XAD.1 and XAD.2 have different meanings for a company address than for a person address)
      periodXAD.12 / XAD.13 + XAD.14
   communicationPID-15, NK1-20, LAN-2

Mappings for RIM Mapping (

PractitionerEntity. Role, or Act, Role
      useRole.code or implied by context
      typeRole.code or implied by context
      systemII.root or
      valueII.extension or II.root if system indicates OID or GUID (Or or root)
      periodRole.effectiveTime or implied by context
      assignerII.assigningAuthorityName but note that this is an improper use by the definition of the field. Also Role.scoper
   identifier (NPI)./id
      family./part[partType = FAM]
      given./part[partType = GIV]
      prefix./part[partType = PFX]
      suffix./part[partType = SFX]
      lineAD.part[parttype = AL]
      cityAD.part[parttype = CTY]
      districtAD.part[parttype = CNT | CPA]
      stateAD.part[parttype = STA]
      postalCodeAD.part[parttype = ZIP]
      countryAD.part[parttype = CNT]

Mappings for ServD (

      period./StartDate and ./EndDate
   identifier (NPI)./Identifiers
   name./PreferredName (GivenNames, FamilyName, TitleCode)
      period./StartDate and ./EndDate
      period./StartDate and ./EndDate
      line./StreetAddress (newline delimitted)
      state./Region, ./Sites
      period./StartDate and ./EndDate
   birthDate(not represented in ServD)
   photo./ImageURI (only supports the URI reference)
      period./Qualifications.StartDate and ./Qualifications.EndDate

Mappings for FiveWs Pattern Mapping (

   identifier (NPI)FiveWs.identifier