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Title:Care Plan Category

Example codes indicating the category a care plan falls within. Note that these are in no way complete and might not even be appropriate for some uses.

Committee:Patient Care Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.148 (for OID based terminology systems)

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This expansion generated 19 Oct 2021

This value set contains 169 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2020

All codes in this table are from the system

734163000 Care plan
718347000 Mental health care plan
735321000 Surgical inpatient care plan
735322007 Termination of pregnancy inpatient care plan
735323002 Thoracic surgery inpatient care plan
735324008 Treatment escalation plan
735325009 Unplanned inpatient care plan
735326005 Upper gastrointestinal surgery inpatient care plan
735327001 Upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy care plan
735328006 Urological surgery inpatient care plan
735329003 Vascular surgery inpatient care plan
735330008 Vulnerable adult care plan
735984001 Heart failure self management plan
735985000 Diabetes self management plan
735986004 Patient written birth plan
736054002 Pressure ulcer care plan
736055001 Rehabilitation care plan
736056000 Asthma clinical management plan
736057009 Respiratory disorder inpatient care plan
736058004 Mental health personal health plan
736059007 Angina self management plan
736234007 Pediatric community care plan
736235008 Pediatric inpatient care plan
736241001 Pediatric outpatient care plan
736245005 Pediatric community complex care plan
736246006 Pediatric surgery inpatient care plan
736248007 Pain control care plan
736249004 Radiotherapy care plan
736250004 Respite care plan
736251000 Stroke care plan
736252007 Cancer care plan
736253002 Mental health crisis plan
736254008 Psychiatry care plan
736271009 Outpatient care plan
736282001 Neonatal critical care plan
736283006 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease clinical management plan
736284000 Diabetes clinical management plan
736285004 Hyperlipidemia clinical management plan
736286003 Hypertension clinical management plan
736287007 Hypothyroidism clinical management plan
736288002 Transient ischemic attack clinical management plan
736336006 Miscarriage inpatient care plan
736337002 Neurosurgery inpatient care plan
736338007 Ophthalmic surgery inpatient care plan
736339004 Orthopedic surgery inpatient care plan
736340002 Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome inpatient care plan
736351002 Breast surgery inpatient care plan
736352009 Cardiac surgery inpatient care plan
736353004 Inpatient care plan
736355006 Gynecology bladder training inpatient care plan
736356007 Gynecology inpatient care plan
736357003 Minor gynecology surgery inpatient care plan
736358008 Minor ophthalmic surgery inpatient care plan
736359000 Minor surgery inpatient care plan
736361009 Minor thoracic surgery inpatient care plan
736362002 Minor urologic surgery inpatient care plan
736363007 Minor plastic surgery inpatient care plan
736364001 Minor orthopedic surgery inpatient care plan
736365000 Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease care plan
736366004 Advance care plan
736367008 Anticipatory care plan
736368003 Coronary heart disease care plan
736369006 Day case care plan
736370007 Day case surgery care plan
736371006 Dementia care plan
736372004 Discharge care plan
736373009 End of life care plan
736374003 Gynecology unplanned inpatient care plan
736375002 Hemodialysis care plan
736376001 Infectious disease care plan
736377005 Maternity care plan
736378000 Medication management plan
736379008 Miscarriage care plan
736381005 Major surgery inpatient care plan
736382003 Major head and neck surgery inpatient care plan
736383008 Major neurosurgery inpatient care plan
736384002 Major orthopedic surgery inpatient care plan
736385001 Major plastic surgery inpatient care plan
736386000 Major vascular surgery inpatient care plan
736387009 Major urologic surgery inpatient care plan
736389007 Colorectal surgery inpatient care plan
736390003 Gynecology major surgery inpatient care plan
736391004 Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery inpatient care plan
736392006 Bronchoscopy care plan
736393001 Colposcopy care plan
736394007 Cystoscopy care plan
736395008 Hysteroscopy care plan
736396009 Interventional cardiology inpatient care plan
736397000 Lower gastrointestinal tract endoscopy care plan
736399002 Burn inpatient care plan
736400009 Cardiology inpatient care plan
736401008 Chemotherapy care plan
736402001 Hip fracture inpatient care plan
736403006 Hyperemesis in pregnancy inpatient care plan
736453000 Laryngectomy surgery inpatient care plan
736482004 Major burn inpatient care plan
736690008 Dialysis care plan
736990006 Plastic surgery inpatient care plan
737426005 Ankle brachial pressure index management plan
737427001 Clinical management plan
737428006 Arthritis clinical management plan
737429003 Chronic kidney disease clinical management plan
737430008 Congestive heart failure clinical management plan
737431007 Coronary heart disease risk clinical management plan
737432000 Hyperglycemia clinical management plan
737433005 Hypoglycemia clinical management plan
737434004 Major depressive disorder clinical management plan
737435003 Malnutrition clinical management plan
737436002 Hypoglycemia self management plan
737437006 Hyperglycemia self management plan
737438001 Myocardial infarction clinical management plan
737439009 Seizure disorder clinical management plan
744980002 Medical critical care plan
763249000 Mental health care program approach contingency plan
763321009 Mental health care program approach crisis plan
770576004 Prevention of delirium care plan
771082000 Acute medicine care plan
773130005 Nursing care plan
773430001 Obstetric care plan
773431002 Obstetric intrapartum care plan
773432009 Obstetric postnatal care plan
773433004 Obstetric antenatal care plan
773435006 Surgical care plan
773436007 Plastic surgery care plan
773437003 Trauma surgery care plan
773438008 Oral surgery care plan
773439000 Hepatobiliary surgical care plan
773440003 Dermatological surgery care plan
773441004 Hand surgery care plan
773442006 Podiatric surgery care plan
773443001 Ophthalmic surgery care plan
773444007 Pancreatic surgery care plan
773445008 Gastrointestinal surgery care plan
773446009 Rehabilitation psychiatry care plan
773447000 Forensic psychiatry care plan
773448005 Psychiatric intensive care plan
773449002 Old age psychiatry care plan
773450002 Liaison psychiatry care plan
773451003 Psychotherapy care plan
773452005 Psychology care plan
773506001 Gynecology care plan
773507005 Gynecology oncology care plan
773508000 Interventional radiology care plan
773509008 Ophthalmology care plan
773511004 Occupational therapy care plan
773512006 Genitourinary medicine care plan
773513001 Physiotherapy care plan
773514007 Speech and language therapy care plan
773516009 Head injury rehabilitation care plan
773517000 Osteopathic manipulative medicine care plan
773590002 Dietetic care plan
773591003 Podiatry care plan
773592005 Occupational health care plan
773593000 Urology care plan
773594006 Orthodontic care plan
773595007 Respiratory medicine care plan
773596008 Care of elderly care plan
773597004 Orthopedic care plan
773598009 Gastroenterology care plan
773599001 Hemophilia care plan
773976008 Dermatology care plan
773977004 Hepatology care plan
773978009 Endocrinology care plan
773979001 Prosthetic care plan
773980003 Orthotic care plan
773981004 Palliative care plan
773982006 Rheumatology care plan
773983001 ENT (ear, nose, throat) care plan
774202005 Special care baby care plan


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