1.9.0 - CI build

CH EMS (R4), published by IVR Interverband für Rettungswesen. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.9.0). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

1 Zustand Uebergabe - XML Representation

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<Observation xmlns="">
  <id value="1-ZustandUebergabe"/>
    <status value="generated"/>
    <div xmlns=""><p><b>Generated Narrative</b></p><p><b>id</b>: 1-ZustandUebergabe</p><p><b>meta</b>: </p><p></p><p><b>code</b>: <span title="Codes: { 75527-2}">Vital status at discharge</span></p><p><b>subject</b>: <a href="Patient-1-PeterMuster.html">Generated Summary: id: 1-PeterMuster; id: 7560123123499, Medical record number: 762354; Peter Muster (OFFICIAL); gender: male; birthDate: 1961-10-01</a></p><p><b>encounter</b>: <a href="Encounter-1-Einsatz.html">Generated Summary: id: 1-Einsatz; id: S12345678; status: finished; <span title="{ EMER}">emergency</span>; period: 2016-12-10 --&gt; (ongoing)</a></p><p><b>value</b>: <span title="Codes: { 385425000}">Improved</span></p></div>
  <status value="final"/>
      <system value=""/>
      <code value="75527-2"/>
      <display value="Vital status at discharge"/>
    <reference value="Patient/1-PeterMuster"/>
    <reference value="Encounter/1-Einsatz"/>
<!--  cdachems-dataelement-24 Zustand bei Einsatzende -->
      <system value=""/>
      <code value="385425000"/>
      <display value="Improved"/>