Vital Records Death Reporting (VRDR) FHIR Implementation Guide
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Vital Records Death Reporting (VRDR) FHIR Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Public Health. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 3.0.0-cibuild built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Content Transitions


Below are descriptions for each of the headers found in the transition tables. The tables are meant to describe changes to resources and their movements between IGs.

Field Name Description
Name Name of the resource (past or present)
Previous Version/Location Previous location of resource (links to past version)
Current Version/Location Current location of resource (links to current version)
Comments/Updates Description of changes specific to the resource

New STU3 Profiles

Name Comments/Updates
BirthRecordIdentifierChild Maternal Death Linkeage
FetalDeathRecordIdentifier Maternal Death Linkeage
IndustryOccupationCodedContentBundle Support exchange of Coded Industry and Occupation
Mortician Support of Funeral Home use cases

STU3 Profiles

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
ActivityAtTimeOfDeath VRDR -
AutomatedUnderlyingCauseOfDeath VRDR -
AutopsyPerformedIndicator VRDR -
BirthRecordIdentifier VRDR Infant Death Linkeage
CauseOfDeathCodedContentBundle VRDR -
CauseOfDeathPart1 VRDR -
CauseOfDeathPart2 VRDR -
Certifier VRDR Now depends on PractitionerVitalRecords profile
CodingStatusValues VRDR -
DeathCertificate VRDR -
DeathCertificateDocument VRDR -
DeathCertification VRDR -
DeathLocation VRDR Now depends on abstract LocationVitalRecords profile
Decedent VRDR -
DecedentAge VRDR -
DecedentDispositionMethod VRDR -
DecedentEducationLevel VRDR Based on VRCL Profile
DecedentFather VRDR -
DecedentMilitaryService VRDR -
DecedentMother VRDR -
DecedentSpouse VRDR -
DemographicCodedContentBundle VRDR -
DispositionLocation VRDR Now depends on abstract LocationVitalRecords profile
EntityAxisCauseOfDeath VRDR -
DeathDate VRDR -
ExaminerContacted VRDR -
FuneralHome VRDR -
InjuryLocation VRDR Now depends on abstract LocationVitalRecords profile
MannerOfDeath VRDR -
ManualUnderlyingCauseOfDeath VRDR -
MortalityRosterBundle VRDR -
DecedentPregnancyStatus VRDR -
InjuryIncident VRDR -
PlaceOfInjury VRDR -
RecordAxisCauseOfDeath VRDR -
SurgeryDate VRDR -
TobaccoUseContributedToDeath VRDR -

New STU3 Extensions

Name Comments/Updates
PractitionerRole Distinguishes Death Certifier and Mortician from other Practitioner types

STU3 Extensions

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
AliasStatus VRDR -
FilingFormat VRDR -
ReplaceStatus VRDR Deprecated
SpouseAlive VRDR -
StateSpecificField VRDR -

STU3 Valuesets

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
ActivityAtTimeOfDeathVS VRDR -
AdministrativeGenderVS VRDR -
CertifierTypesVS VRDR -
ContributoryTobaccoUseVS VRDR -
DateOfDeathDeterminationMethodsVS VRDR -
EditBypass01VS VRDR -
EditBypass012VS VRDR -
EditBypass0124VS VRDR -
FilingFormatVS VRDR -
ICD10CausesOfDeathVS VRDR -
IntentionalRejectVS VRDR -
MannerOfDeathVS VRDR -
MethodOfDispositionVS VRDR -
PlaceOfDeathVS VRDR -
PlaceOfInjuryVS VRDR -
ReplaceStatusVS VRDR -
SpouseAliveVS VRDR -
SystemRejectVS VRDR -
TransaxConversionVS VRDR -
TransportationIncidentRoleVS VRDR -
DeathPregnancyStatusVS VRDR -

STU3 Codesystems

Name Previous Version/Location Comments/Updates
ActivityAtTimeOfDeathCS VRDR -
DeathPregnancyStatusCS VRDR -
DateOfDeathDeterminationMethodsCS VRDR -
DocumentSectionCS VRDR -
FilingFormatCS VRDR -
IntentionalRejectCS VRDR -
OrganizationTypeCS VRDR -
LocationTypeCS VRDR -
ReplaceStatusCS VRDR -
SystemRejectCS VRDR -
TransaxConversionCS VRDR -

Removed Profiles

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
DecedentUsualWork VRCL -
EmergingIssues VRCL -
InputRaceAndEthnicity VRCL -
CodedRaceAndEthnicity VRCL -

Removed Extensions

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
AuxiliaryStateIdentifier1 VRCL -
AuxiliaryStateIdentifier2 VRCL -
BypassEditFlag VRCL -
CertificateNumber VRCL -
CityCode VRCL -
DateDay Removed-
DateMonth Removed-
DateTime Removed-
DateYear Removed-
DistrictCode VRCL -
LocationJurisdictionId VRCL -
PartialDate VRCL -
PartialDateTime VRCL -
PostDirectional VRCL -
PreDirectional VRCL -
StreetDesignator VRCL -
StreetName VRCL -
StreetNumber VRCL -
UnitOrAptNumber VRCL -
WithinCityLimitsIndicator VRCL -

Removed Valuesets

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
BirthplaceCountryVS VRCL -
CanadaProvincesVS VRCL -
EditBypass01234VS VRCL -
EducationLevelVS VRCL -
HispanicNoUnknownVS VRCL -
HispanicOriginVS VRCL -
JurisdictionVS VRCL -
MaritalStatusVS VRCL -
RaceCodeVS VRCL -
RaceMissingValueReasonVS VRCL -
RaceRecode40VS VRCL -
ResidenceCountryVS VRCL -
StatesTerritoriesAndProvincesVS VRCL -
USStatesAndTerritoriesVS VRCL -
UnitsOfAgeVS VRCL -
YesNoUnknownVS VRCL -
YesNoUnknownNotApplicableVS VRCL -

Removed Codesystems

Name Current Version/Location Comments/Updates
BypassEditFlagCS VRDR -
CanadianProvincesCS VRCL -
CountryCodeCS VRCL -
HispanicOriginCS VRCL -
JurisdictionsCS VRCL -
MissingValueReasonCS VRCL -
RaceCodeCS VRCL -
RaceRecode40CS VRCL -
ComponentCS VRCL -
ObservationsCS VRCL -