Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response
1.0.1 - CI Build

Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response, published by HL7 International Public Health Workgroup. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.1). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Example Measure: Patients By Risk Factor

Generated Narrative

Resource "PatientsByRiskFactorWithSupplementalData"

Profile: Public Health Measure

Enables specification of proposed measure reporting: Do Once per 1 days


version: 1.0.1

name: PatientsByRiskFactor

title: COVID-19 Patients By Risk Factor

status: draft

experimental: true

date: 2022-02-15 09:33:20+0000

publisher: HL7 International Public Health Workgroup

contact:,, Keith W. Boone:

jurisdiction: World (m49.htm#001)

author: Centers for Disease Control/National Healthcare Safety Network (CDC/NHSN):

library: Computable NHSN Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity Measure Library


Attributes describing a group of measures

value: Patient in room (ResourceType#Encounter; SNOMED CT#398284004)

value: Queue Length (Public Health Measure Scoring#queue-length)

value: Structure (MeasureType#structure)

value: Decreased score indicates improvement (MeasureImprovementNotation#decrease)

value: point-in-time

code: Hospital COVID-19 Patient Encounters Reporting (Measure Group System#Encounters "Encounters")


code: Patients with confirmed COVID-19 in any location. (Measured Values in Sample Measures#confirmedC19Pats "All Confirmed COVID-19 Patients"; MeasurePopulationType#initial-population)

description: Active encounters where the encounter diagnosis is suspected or confirmed COVID-19, or a Condition of confirmed COVID-19 was created during that encounter. This includes the patients with laboratory-confirmed or clinically diagnosed COVID-19.


code: By Risk Factor ()

description: Stratifies the population by Condition/RiskFactor


code: Encounter (ResourceType#Encounter)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: The patient encounter


code: Patient (ResourceType#Patient)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: The patient


code: Location (ResourceType#Location)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: The patient location


code: Condition (ResourceType#Condition)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: The encounter and other diagnosis


code: MedicationRequest (ResourceType#MedicationRequest; ResourceType#MedicationAdministration; ResourceType#Immunization)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: Medications/Immunizations given during the encounter


code: Observation (ResourceType#Observation)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: COVID-19 Lab Results


code: DiagnosticReport (ResourceType#DiagnosticReport; ResourceType#DocumentReference; ResourceType#Observation; ResourceType#ServiceRequest)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: VTE Diagnostic Results


code: Procedure (ResourceType#Procedure; ResourceType#ServiceRequest)

usage: Supplemental Data (MeasureDataUsage#supplemental-data)

description: Isolation Precautions