Da Vinci Value-Based Performance Reporting Implementation Guide
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Da Vinci Value-Based Performance Reporting Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Clinical Quality Information. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 1.0.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/davinci-vbpr/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Change Log

The Value-Based Performance Reporting Implementation Guide was developed under the Da Vinci Project.

version 1.0.0

  • Applied: Need to Validate HCPLAN Framework Codes with HTA (FHIR-42385)
  • Applied: Word “the” missing in 2.3 (FHIR-41697)
  • Applied: Version spelled incorrectly in 2.4 (FHIR-41699)
  • Applied: measureScore not capitalized in 2.5.1, bullet point 2 (FHIR-41700)
  • Applied: May be misspelled in 2.5.1 (FHIR-41702)
  • Applied: Cancer misspelled in 2.5.2 (FHIR-41703)
  • Applied: Medication misspelled in 3.1? (FHIR-41704)
  • Applied: “Administrative” misspelled in term “Administrative Cost” (FHIR-41705)
  • Applied: Change “more riskier” to “riskier” in the definition for “Average Risk Score” (FHIR-41706)
  • Applied: Edits to definition of “brand” (FHIR-41707)
  • Applied: Change definition of Line of Business (LOB) (FHIR-41708)
  • Applied: LAN’s supposed to be HCP-LAN’s? (FHIR-41712)
  • Applied: “cut off” to “cutoff” (FHIR-41713)
  • Applied: Change “urls” to “URLs” (FHIR-41714)
  • Applied: Insert “to” (FHIR-41717)
  • Applied: Change “cacluated-numerator” to “calculated-numerator” (FHIR-41718)
  • Applied: Change “The threashold type.” to “The threshold type.” (FHIR-41719)
  • Applied: change “offer” to “offers” in 1.3 (FHIR-41720)
  • Applied: Change “coming” to “come” in 1.3 (FHIR-41721)
  • Applied: Change “has” to “have” in 2.2 (FHIR-41722)
  • Applied: Change “provides” to “provide” in 2.5 (FHIR-41723)
  • Applied: Change “build” to “built” in 1.3.2 (FHIR-41776)
  • Applied: Typo in Guidance section 2.4 Resources http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-vbpr/2023Sep/guidance.html The word “version” is mispelled: There are three profiles specified in this vresion of the implementation guide: (FHIR-41888)
  • Applied: Typo in Glossary: Typo in the definition of the Term = Brand http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-vbpr/2023Sep/glossary.html Brand( for example Blue vs. non-blue) (FHIR-41890)
  • Applied: Example Typo (FHIR-41895)
  • Applied: remove “that” (FHIR-42380)
  • Applied: Add list to glossary (FHIR-41384)
  • Applied: Add “s” to “report” (FHIR-41387)
  • Applied: Do “TINs”, “PMO” and “HMO” need to be spelled out in 2.5.1? (FHIR-41388)
  • Applied: change “stratify” to “stratifying” (FHIR-41389)
  • Applied: Change tense of stratify (intentional separate ticket)” (FHIR-41391)
  • Applied: “Administrative Costs” appears twice in the glossary (FHIR-41394)
  • Applied: Term “BP” in “Bonus Amount” definition (FHIR-41395)
  • Applied: Definition of “Measure Scoring” (FHIR-41399)
  • Applied: Define “PBP” in “Total Cost of Care” definition (FHIR-42400)
  • Applied: Change “Rx” to “Prescription” in the definition of “Total Cost PMPM”? (FHIR-42401)
  • Applied: Change “Total MA Support Revenue” to “Total Medicare Advantage (MA) Support Revenue” (FHIR-42402)
  • Applied: Define “NPM” in 5.1 (FHIR-42404)
  • Applied: Grammatical Error (FHIR-42443)
  • Applied: Incomplete/unclear sentence Guidance section 2.5.1 The Value-Based Performance MeasureReport (FHIR-41889)
  • Applied: Main page discusses APMs but does not spell out the acronym (FHIR-41894)
  • Applied: Need a way to identify if a measure is tied to payment, reporting only, or an alternate measure. (FHIR-42876)
  • Applied: Definition of “Revenue” (FHIR-42398)
  • Applied: Category 4 ballet point definition (FHIR-42381)
  • Applied: Add to challenges list (FHIR-42382)
  • Applied: Please clarify: “a future version will address from provider back to payer” (FHIR-42383)
  • Applied: Regarding “Administrative Cost” definition (FHIR-42393)
  • Applied: Define “PBP” in “Financial Benchmark” definition (FHIR-42396)
  • Applied: Regarding “Performance Benchmarks…” (FHIR-42378)
  • Applied: Regarding “Value-based contracting is important to the US healthcare system for several reasons:” (FHIR-42376)
  • Applied: Definition of “Quality Incentive payment” (FHIR-42397)
  • Applied: Regarding Figure 1-1 (FHIR-42379)
  • Applied: “payment stream” is spelled various ways in 2.5.1 (FHIR-41701)
  • Applied: HCP-LAN spelled differently throughout IG (FHIR-41696)
  • Applied: In the first bullet point of 5.4.4, change “it’s” to “its”. (FHIR-41715)
  • Applied: In the first bullet point of 5.4.4, change “futher” to “further”. (FHIR-41716)
  • Applied: “Metric” and “measure” are defined as two different things. (FHIR-42386)
  • Applied: Need to use the measurereport-category extension (FHIR-45203)

Version 1.0.0-ballot

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