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US Core Laboratory Result Observation

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The US Core Laboratory Result Observation profile sets minimum expectations for the Observation resource to record, search, and fetch laboratory test results associated with a patient/member. It identifies which core elements, extensions, vocabularies and value sets SHALL be present in the resource when using this profile.

The essential fields (Must Support or Cardinality greater than 0..*) to be provided in the LaboratoryResultObservation resource are:

R4 Element Name Cardinality Type
Observation.status status 1..1 code
Observation.category category 1..* (Slice Definition)
Observation.category:Laboratory category:Laboratory 1..1 CodeableConcept
Observation.category:Laboratory.coding Laboratory.coding 1..* Coding
Observation.category:Laboratory.system Laboratory.system 1..1 uri
Observation.category:Laboratory.code Laboratory.code 1..1 code
Observation.code code 1..1 CodeableConcept
Observation.subject subject 1..1 Reference(US Core Patient Profile)
Observation.effective[x] effective[x] 0..1  
Observation.value[x] value[x] 0..1  
Observation.dataAbsentReason dataAbsentReason 0..1 CodeableConcept

Table Definition

Example Laboratory Results Profile

Link to urine specific gravity laboratory result: https://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/Observation-usg.html

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