Data Exchange For Quality Measures Implementation Guide
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Data Exchange For Quality Measures Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International / Clinical Quality Information. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 4.0.0 built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Example Bundle: Single Indv Col Obs Report

Generated Narrative: Bundle single-indv-col-obs-report

Information Source:

Bundle single-indv-col-obs-report of type transaction

Entry 1 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57904

Resource MeasureReport:

Generated Narrative: MeasureReport 47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57904

status: Complete

type: Individual

measure: Colorectal Cancer Screening Measure

subject: Bundle: type = transaction

date: 2019-03-14

reporter: Bundle: type = transaction

period: 2018-12-31 --> 2019-01-01

improvementNotation: Increased score indicates improvement


code: group-1


code: Initial Population

count: 1


code: Numerator

count: 1


code: Denominator

count: 1


code: Denominator Exclusion

count: 0

evaluatedResource: Bundle: type = transaction


POST MeasureReport

Entry 2 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57905

Resource Organization:

Generated Narrative: Organization

identifier: Tax ID number/123456789 (use: official, )

active: true

type: Healthcare Provider

name: DaVinciHospital01


*ph: (+1) 401-555-121273 Lakewood Street Warwick RI 02886 USA


POST Organization

Entry 3 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57906

Resource Patient:

Generated Narrative: Patient

Thelma Webster (official) Female, DoB: 1948-04-28 ( Medical record number: 67890 (use: usual, ))

Marital Status:Married
Contact Detail7496 Beaver Ridge Ave Thornton NJ 07003 USA (home)
Language:English (Region=United States) (preferred)
US Core Ethnicity Extension:
US Core Birth Sex ExtensionF
US Core Race Extension:


POST Patient

Entry 4 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57907

Resource Practitioner:

Generated Narrative: Practitioner

identifier: Provider number/123456789 (use: official, )

active: true

name: Nia Akers

gender: Female


POST Practitioner

Entry 5 - fullUrl = urn:uuid:47709cc7-b3ec-4abc-9d26-3df3d3d57908

Resource Observation:

Generated Narrative: Observation

status: Final

category: Laboratory

code: Noninvasive colorectal cancer DNA and occult blood screening [Interpretation] in Stool Narrative

subject: Bundle: type = transaction

effective: 2018-06-22

performer: Bundle: type = transaction


POST Observation