Bidirectional Services eReferral (BSeR)
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Bidirectional Services eReferral (BSeR), published by HL7 Public Health Working Group. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.0.0-ballot built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Referral Service Request Feedback Resources

Each referral feedback includes references to a patient (subject), referral recipient (author), feedback summary, and feedback supporting information. The feedback summary includes a reference to the referral service request. The supporting information is consistent with the scope of the referral use case as designated in the referral service request code.

Referral Service Request Feedback Clinical Statements

Each referral use case requires that certain information items accompany the service request feedback as supporting information. The following table indicates how referral feedback supporting information items are allocated to the BSeR referral use cases.

Profile Concept Code Diabetes Prevention Feedback Obesity Feedback Arthritis Feedback Hypertension Feedback Early Childhood Nutrition Feedback Tobacco Use Cessation Feedback
US Core Blood Pressure Profile Blood Pressure (patient) LOINC#85354-9
US Core Body Height Profile Body Height (patient) LOINC#8302-2
US Core BMI Profile Body Mass Index (BMI) (patient) LOINC#39156-5
US Core Body Weight Profile Body Weight (patient) LOINC#29463-7
US Core Observation Social History Profile Number of appointments attended SNOMED CT#298057009
US Core Observation Social History Profile Number of appointments missed SNOMED CT#298058004
BSeR Referral Observation Pain SNOMED CT#22253000
BSeR Referral Observation Feeling frustrated SNOMED CT#224973000
BSeR Referral Observation Pain management SNOMED CT#278414003
BSeR Referral Observation Feeling isolated SNOMED CT#307048004
BSeR Referral Observation Range of joint movement SNOMED CT#364564000
BSeR Referral Observation Endurance SNOMED CT#406203001
BSeR Referral Observation General healthful diet SNOMED CT#435771000124106
BSeR Referral Observation Fatigue SNOMED CT#84229001
BSeR Referral Observation Complies with drug therapy SNOMED CT#1156699004
BSeR Referral Observation Muscle strength LOINC#80332-1
BSeR Referral Observation Finding related to ability to perform breast-feeding SNOMED CT#364826005
BSeR Referral Observation Breastfeeding support SNOMED CT#408883002
US Core Condition Problems and Health Concerns Profile Tongue tie SNOMED CT#67787004
US Core MedicationRequest Profile Cessation medications FDA Approved Tobacco Cessation Medications
US Core MedicationRequest Profile Cessation medication use indicator n/a
US Core Observation Social History Profile Negotiated date for cessation of smoking SNOMED CT#390901002
US Core Observation Social History Profile Tobacco Use Cessation Session Type LOINC#79213-5
US Core Observation Social History Profile Time since stopped smoking SNOMED CT#228486009