Bidirectional Services eReferral (BSeR)
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Bidirectional Services eReferral (BSeR), published by HL7 Public Health Working Group. This guide is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.0.0-ballot built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) CI Build. This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

BSeR Project Team

Project Lead

John W. Loonsk MD, Consulting CMIO APHL, Johns Hopkins University

Domain Expert Representatives

  • Heather Hodge, YMCA of the USA

  • Krista Proia, CDC Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Brenna VanFrank, CDC Smoking and Health

  • Arunkumar Srinivasan PhD, Senior Health Scientist

  • Kailah Davis, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Sena Seged, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Pradeep Podila, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Jason Bonander, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Specification Developers

  • Sarah Gaunt, Lantana Consulting Group

  • Jeff Brown, Lantana Consulting Group

  • AbdulMalik Shakir Sr., Hi3 Solutions

  • Salimah Shakir, Hi3 Solutions

  • Adam Holmes, MITRE

  • Rick Geimer, Lantana Consulting Group


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HL7 International - Public Health

BSeR Project Realm

This is a U.S. Realm Specification. This guide and related materials are based on reporting specifications in U.S. jurisdictions.