Consolidated CDA Release 2.1 StructureDefinition Publication
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Consolidated CDA Release 2.1 StructureDefinition Publication, published by Health Level Seven. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 2.1). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

Change Log


The changes in this version of Consolidated CDA have been made from STU comments and JIRA issues that were raised by the community and approved by the Structured Documents working group.

Major Changes

  • Removed Diagnostic Imaging Report document template and relevant section and entry templates
  • Removed any templates that are DEPRECATED
  • Removed Entries Optional templates if an equivalent Entries Required template exists
  • Combined Companion Guide and C-CDA narrative into one guide

Tracker Issues Applied

  1. CDA-814 - Change assorted vocabulary bindings
  2. CDA-939 - Make Interventions section mandatory in Care Plan
  3. CDA-1513 - Change the Health Insurance Type binding to be the X12N Insurance Type code system
  4. CDA-1526 - Add guidance on @unit in Vital Sign Observation
  5. CDA-1793 - Remove Vaccine Clinical Drug value set from Immunization Medication Information template
  6. CDA-1797 - Add optional Payers Section to Referral Note
  7. CDA-1802 - Change Smoking Status binding from SHALL to MAY
  8. CDA-2007 - Change Authorization Activity entryRelationship from SHALL to MAY
  9. CDA-20004 - Remove binding to HL7 Discharge Disposition code system
  10. CDA-20047 - Remove Diagnostic Imaging Report document template and child section and entry templates. Remove templates with DEPRECATED in title
  11. CDA-20451 - Allow HCPCS to Procedure Note serviceEvent code
  12. CDA-20462 - Allow multiple performers in Operative Note
  13. CDA-20463 - Allow HCPCS to Planned Procedure code
  14. CDA-20543 - Change guidance on Supply repeatNumber
  15. CDA-20565 - Remove requirement to send R1.1 template IDs
  16. CDA-20664 - Remove Entries Optional section templates
  17. CDA-1240 - Added assignedPerson with US Realm Person Name to Procedure Activity Procedure template.
  18. CDA-1273 - Changed Problem Observation in Problem Concern Act from 1..* to 1..1.
  19. CDA-1274 - Changed Allergy Intolerance Observation in Allergy Concern Act from 1..* to 1..1.
  20. CDA-1277 - Added a Progress Towards Goal Observation to the Goal Observation template.
  21. CDA-1367 - Use proper LOINC code (8693-4) with no translations on Mental Status Observation template.
  22. CDA-1693 - Change the name of the Interventions Section to Activities Section.
  23. CDA-20693 - typo correction to USCDI guidance
  24. CDA-20711 - update Gender Harmony guidance
  25. CDA-20546 - PQ values require a @unit
  26. CDA-20681 - Templates no longer contain a version label in their name (such as V2, V3, etc.)
  27. CDA-20482 - Extensionless templates are not allowed to have an extension.
  28. CDA-20786 - Set some bound observations to have a type
  29. CDA-20767 - Remove CarePlan intendedRecipient/receivedOrganization/name rule