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draft as of 2023-05-26 Computable Name: SpecimenProcessingMethod
Flags: Experimental OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.3215

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The technique that is used to perform the process or preserve the specimen. These are codes from SNOMED CT - provided as an exemplar value set.


This expansion generated 26 May 2023

This value set contains 63 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2023

  4064007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen aliquoting
  9056003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGross organ fixation and special preparation for museum, liquid media
  13374006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysin detection, cold, quantitative
  18699002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical laboratory specimen identification
  27107005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOsmotic fragility, immediate
  27872000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen freezing
  32989007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctUnsatisfactory clinical laboratory specimen identified
  43372004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen dispatch and referral, routine
  47043008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOsmotic fragility, incubated
  52391000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysin detection
  53355002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGross organ fixation and special preparation for museum, solid plastic
  56245008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen preparation
  61431004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysin detection, ABO
  62087002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctClinical laboratory specimen rejection
  66910006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctGross organ fixation and special preparation
  69997009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen refrigeration
  73373003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen centrifugation
  75126003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMechanical fragility RBC
  79453001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctChain of custody procedure in laboratory specimen handling
  80246006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecial stain, blood or bone marrow, explain by report
  90621001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen dispatch and referral, complex
  103760009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen mass measurement
  103761008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen dry weight measurement
  104149001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAcidified serum lysis test, RBC
  104150001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSucrose hemolysis test
  104151002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctComplement lysis sensitivity test, RBC
  104166004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctNucleic acid molecular isolation or extraction method
  104720004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemoglobin, unstable measurement
  105036000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctTissue preparation for drug analysis
  115267000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen description
  115597007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDescription of specimen character
  116707006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen color determination
  117032008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpun specimen
  117246001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctOsmotic fragility test, RBC dilution method
  118130000 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExamination of specimen for lipemia
  118131001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExamination of specimen for hemolysis
  118132008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExamination of specimen for icterus
  120643004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCyanide ascorbate screen
  120647003 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysin detection, cold
  120648008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysin detection, warm
  252300007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSchumm's test
  252301006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctUrinary haemosiderin detection
  252302004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctAcidified glycerol lysis test
  313513005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSweat weight measurement
  401297005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHemolysis screening test (procedure)
  409077008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctExamination for xanthochromia (procedure)
  428995007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReceiving of specimen in laboratory (procedure)
  433454009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMicrodissection of tissue specimen using laser (procedure)
  734227007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen decontamination (procedure)
  787371004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctRecasting of specimen in block (procedure)
  787372006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreparation of large slide from specimen (procedure)
  787373001 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreparation of slide from specimen
  787374007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreparation of plastic embedded tissue specimen
  787375008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreparation of large size formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue specimen
  787376009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctPreparation of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue specimen (procedure)
  787378005 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctFixation of specimen (procedure)
  787379002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctHandling of oriented specimen (procedure)
  787995009 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctMicrodissection of tissue specimen
  866036006 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen examination by more than one examiner
  866037002 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctDispatch of specimen for second opinion (procedure)
  866038007 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctSpecimen dispatch (procedure)
  866039004 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctReview specimen from own archive (procedure)
  1230333008 iconhttp://snomed.info/sctCentrifugation of blood


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